• Vendor Invoice Management (VIM)


    Accounts Payable Branch (A/P) is pleased to announce Vendor Invoice Management (VIM) solution that will replace manual invoice processing with a streamlined automated invoice management system.

    VIM automates capture of vendor invoice and recognizes the invoice content thru the optical character recognition (OCR) capabilities of the solution.  Invoices are routed automatically to the responsible staff for resolution, approval, and payment. 

    The goal of VIM is to increase efficiency with automatic invoice posting and purchase order matching.  If invoice successfully matches with purchase order, payment will be posted.    When invoice matching is not successful, responsible staff can take prompt action to move the process forward.  Workflow for invoice processing, resolution, and approval is based on pre-configured rules and roles.

    Vendor Invoice Management (VIM) Flyer

    Vendor Invoice Management Flyer


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