• Navigating the LMS

The feature is not available in Schoology. Teachers will need to take attendance in MiSiS.

You can reorder your courses by proceeding with the following

  1. Click on the Courses menu
  2. Click on My Courses
  3. Click on the Reorder Courses button 
  4. Drag and drop courses to your preferred order
  5. Click on the ""X"" when done making changes

In your course, proceed with the following:

1. Click Members
2. Select Inactive
3. Click on Bar Graph by the student's name

In the Gradebook, click on the "Last Name, A-Z" drop down arrow and select one of the following options.

  1. First Name A-Z 
  2. First Name Z-A
  3. Last Name A-Z
  4. Last Name Z-A

Yes, when Schoology was launched district wide a "Sandbox" course was provided to every teacher. If your account is missing a sandbox, please contact the help desk at 213-241-5200 (option 5 then option 1) to have one created for you. 

  • If you were unable to find your answer please create an online MiSiS  ticket.