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    New Elementary California Content Standards Progress Report 
    Resources and Information
    The Los Angeles Unified School District is activating a new elementary progress report in MiSiS this 2017-2018 school year. Please bookmark this page for future reference as resources related to the new elementary progress report will be updated and maintained at this webpage for your convenience. This webpage is also available through this link: http://tinyurl.com/NewReportCard     

       LMS Online Gradebook Requirements
    This At-A-Glance resource explains expectations for entering scored assignemnts into the new elementary online gradebook.

    See "LAUSD  Policies" below for the updated Elementary Marking Practices and Procedures Bulletin.

    Grading Supports and Resources.   Click folder below.
    For any questions or comments, please contact Elementary Instruction, (213) 241-5333. 
    For IT support, contact the IT helpdesk, (213) 241-5200, option 5 and then option 3.


FAQ: Online Gradebook and Marking Practices   Newly Updated FAQ for questions about the new online gradebook and marking practices.
Updated Sept. 14,2018


For information from the 2017-18 FAQ click here

Grading Supports by Content Area  Progress Report Teacher Handbook


Mastery Learning and Grading PD and Support

LAUSD offers teachers and schools different types of professional learning opportunities

  • Salary Point Classes
  • School Site PD
  • Facilitator Training
  • Implementation Support


Progress Report Teacher Handbook   2018-19 Teacher Handbook  Revised 10-23-18 with Dual Language Education policy    
           for answers to your questions about the progress report. 




2018-19 Elementary School Progress Report Marking Practices and Procedures, BUL-2332.7


For a complete list of the progress report comments and their codes including other technology support, see the MiSiS job aids resources

Elementary Gradebook Quick Start    Here's an simple quick start guide on how to upload scored assignments!
Click the image for an electronic clickable quick start guide.


Cick Resources for additional supports from LAUSD Personalized Learning Systems.


To view the samples of the new progress report, please see this file Progress Report Format.  
To view the Spanish language version progress report, please see this file Spanish Progress Report Format.
ETK will use the parent report template from the DRDP. 

Use this ETK Parent Report template to complete with information from the DRDP so that you can share students' strengths and skills that they are working on.  
Click Spanish ETK Parent Report for the translated template.

For support with the DRDP-2015, visit desiredresults.us, resources, forms, and tutorialsDRDP    

MiSiS resources and job aids for the online progress report card can be found at https://www.lausd.org/Page/6215
Please keep in mind that the printing default setting for the new elementary progress report is set for legal size paper. School would need to have enough legal size paper on hand to manage the demand of printing these documents.
Both documents can be printed on letter size paper.  For schools that decide to print on letter size, please keep in mind the the documents will be reduced to fit on a smaller paper size.  This means the font on progress reports and teacher verification rosters printed on letter size paper will be smaller than intended.
Parent Flyer: Online Gradebook and Minimum Entry Requirements
  1.                     Online Grbk Min Req                                       schoology parent spanish    
                      English                                         Spanish      
Parent Handbook, a resource for schools and parents
Online E-learning Course for Parents
This e-learning course is designed for parents as the audience to assist you with the task of informing and supporting parents in understanding the new progress report, the reason for this change, and the history of its development.
Spanish language version: http://www.lausd.net/cdg/NuevoInforme/
The Elementary Instruction Department has developed a new progress report e-learning course in three modules, available on MyPLN. This e-learning course was created in preparation for the activation of the new Elementary CA Content Standards Progress Report in MiSiS for the 2017-2018 school year. The course is available now for viewing using your Single Sign On (SSO) in MyPLN, course name: Unfolding the New Elementary Progress Report 
Unfolding the New Elementary Progress Report, Module 3 is experiencing technical difficulties.  
We will update when the module is available for viewing. Click for Module 3 ppt and facilitator guide.

The educational course in MyPLN for teachers is in three chapters of content that may be adapted for compacting or extended for additional learning based on school need. Each chapter is designed to be 45 minutes, but each one may be completed more rapidly or extended depending on the needs of your employees. 
1) History and Purpose 
2) Standards-based Marking Practices, and 
3) MiSiS Screens and Job Aids. 

*The implementation of the new Elementary California Content Standards Progress Report represents a major change in our progress reporting for students, thus additional learning for teachers, parents, and administrators is necessary to support them in managing this transition. The online e-learning course may be completed in MyPLN as a group or independently. Schools are advised to complete the course prior to October 15, 2017.  The new 2017-2018 Banked Time PD Priorities memorandum contains a section dedicated to the progress report PD course with any new requirements for completion in the 2017-2018 school year. 

Elementary School Progress Report Marking Practices and ProceduresBUL-2332.7 

Elementary Official Roll Book, Ref. 6302.1 


Interoffice Correspondence
Sample Warning Notice available for school use. See Warning Notices below. 

2019-2020 Progress Report Window


Warning Notices:

  • Click sample warning notice for an example of a grade K-5 and 6 notice that schools can modify and/or use as a template.
  • Warning Notice MiSiS Job Aid
  • TK:
    The purpose of the TK progress report is to demonstrate development along a learning continuum. TK is a two-year program. TK students are expected to meet kindergarten standards at the end of their second year, which is at the end of their kindergarten year. Specific concerns should always be discussed between the parents and teacher. In a developmentally appropriate TK environment, unsatisfactory notices would be inappropriate.  

Kindergarten Continuance:

If the school and parent of a kindergarten student feels that the student would benefit from a second year in kindergarten, the student may be enrolled in kindergarten for a second year so long as they were not enrolled in TK or ETK in the prior school year. Please follow the guidelines as set in REF-6756.1.


School Site Professional Priorities and Banked Time Tuesdays for Elementary SchoolsMEM-6015.6