Nutritional Information and Special Diets

Special Diets
Special Diets are provided to students with a disability or medical condition that limits a major life activity such as breathing or learning; or to students with severe or life-threatening food allergies.

A current LAUSD Special Diet Memo and Form must be completed and signed by Medical Authority. This form must be completed in its entirety and returned to school cafeteria.  If the form is not complete, the special diet cannot be processed.  This form must be updated annually.

If you need to discontinue a Special Diet for your child, please complete the Discontinue Special Diet Form.

Unfortunately, LAUSD is unable to accommodate special diets based on personal preferences or religious convictions. 

*This list contains MAJOR Food Allergens. It does not contain ingredients such as dextrin, maltodextrin, soy oil, etc. Soy protein is included. Any ingredients that may post an allergy risk are included in this list.