Senior Nutrition Specialist

I Marx Ivy Marx is the Senior Nutrition Specialist for Food Services.  Mrs. Marx is a Registered Dietitian and has devoted her career spanning over 25 years to nutrition.  Her varied experience brings many skill sets that allow her to provide optimal and exceptional service to our customers – the students.  Mrs. Marx’s clinical management background from over ten years of experience in healthcare services has instilled in her the importance of nutrition for the growth, development, and health of children.  She also has excellent knowledge in the nutritive components necessary to help children excel academically and physically.  It is her mission to communicate the benefits of eating at school to parents and students and she has done so in Spanish, English, and Chinese on many occasions at schools district-wide.   Mrs. Marx also has over fifteen years of experience in LAUSD school food services.  One of her priorities is working with students in all districts to obtain feedback that is critical for menu planning and development.  Food Services’ goal is to student test all menu items and only include those that are student approved items.  Mrs. Marx believes student input is valuable in the development of menus that students enjoy, that encourage students to dine more often in the cafeteria, which results in more students nourishing their minds and bodies to excel in and outside of school.  Mrs. Marx welcomes your feedback and is happy to hear from you.  Please contact her if you have any comments or questions.