Senior Training Specialist

D Soto Dawn Soto is a Senior Training Specialist who has 30+ years of management experience in the Food Service Industry and has been with the Food Services Division at LAUSD for 26 years. She is a member of the School Nutrition Association (SNA). She oversees the development and implementation of training in areas such as State and Federal Regulation Requirements, District Policies, Safety and Sanitation, Standard Operating Procedures, New Employee Training (NET), Managers Certification Course (MCC), ServeSafe, Breakfast in the Classroom (BIC), Afterschool Supper Programs, Summer Food Services Programs, and the Professional Standards class requirements for all Food Service Division employees. This large task is accomplished with the assistance of a team of talented Training Specialists.
She proud to be a part of the Food Service family and is dedicated to empowering employees to “see and reach” their full professional potential.