Off-site Program

An Off-site program is an educational program that requires meal service but is at a location without a cafeteria/kitchen or has limited enrollment. These Off-site programs vary in purpose, but are usually Continuation Schools or Community Day Schools. Meals are provided from a nearby school location if there are free or reduced students that qualify for meals. Only one meal is required (usually lunch) and site supervisors are required to follow all federal and state guidelines, and Café LA policies and procedures.

Students must submit a completed meal application in order for Food Services Division to determine if they are eligible to receive free or reduced priced meals.

Charter School Feeding

Affiliated Charter.

  • Locally Funded, all monies come from LAUSD.
  • Food Service Division must provide meals.
  • All Food Service Division policies and procedures must be followed in order to provide reimbursable meals

Independent Charters

  • Directly funded, school gets their funding directly from the State.
  • Locally funded, State sends LAUSD the school’s funding check and LAUSD sends it directly to the Charter school.

It is the option of the Food Services Division to provide meal service for Independent Charters. School may request Food Services Division to provide contracted meals that the school will provide payment for, however it is at the discretion of the Food Service Division to see if it is financially feasible.