After School Programs

After School Programs give children a nutritional boost and draw them into supervised activities that are safe and offer learning opportunities. Under the National School Lunch Program, snacks/suppers can be served to children after their regular school day ends. The afterschool program must be organized, structured, supervised and approved by the district in order to receive snacks/suppers from the Food Services Division.

After School Snack Programs are provided to children on the same income eligibility as school meals. However, all students receive snacks at no charge. In programs that operate at schools where at least 50 percent of students are eligible for free or reduced-price meals (area eligible), all snacks are claimed as free and there is no charge to the program. Schools with less than 50 percent free and reduced eligibility (non-area eligible) must be approved by Food Services Senior Staff. Non-area eligible schools must track the snacks by student eligibility and pay the difference between the cost of the snacks and the reimbursable amounts.

After School Supper Programs are open to all students under the age of 18. This "first of a kind" supper program is being offered in over 500 schools across the District. Students are not required to be enrolled in either the school or the school's after school program in order to receive the supper. The suppers fill a much needed gap in nutrition after the school day ends, meeting nutrition guidelines during the week and on weekends and holidays (where applicable).

After School Supper Site List and Programs