Reduction In Force (RIF) Hearing Support and Resources

  • At this time, the Los Angeles Unified School District continues to anticipate that budgetary shortfalls will impact certificated staffing decisions for the 2015-2016 academic year. This is a stressful time for schools and employees and we hope this information is helpful as you plan for any potential Hearing days you may wish to attend.  Although the RIF Hearing process for certificated employees may be disconcerting at times, the District wishes to convey that these hearings in no way reflect the District's appreciation for our employees' work or the services provided to our students and schools on a daily basis.
    As part of the Reduction in Force (RIF) process for permanent certificated employees, a Hearing must be held before an Administrative Law Judge prior to the issuance of final layoff notices. This year, the RIF Hearings begin on Monday, April 27, 2015.
    Permanent certificated employees who are eligible to attend the Hearing may use up to six personal necessity (PN) days. Employees who have already used their personal necessity days will not be paid for the time that they attend the RIF Hearing. Such absences will be reported as unpaid (UP) time.
    If you are eligible and plan to attend the Hearing, you must make arrangements for classroom coverage by calling the Substitute Unit at (213) 241-6117 to request a substitute teacher. Eligible permanent certificated teachers and support service personnel who attend the Hearing will be provided with a written verification/attendance voucher at the end of each day to submit to their school principal or site supervisor/time reporter for payroll reporting purposes. Please note that personal necessity absences are deducted from your full pay illness bank. 
    RIF Hearing Venue: The RIF Hearing is being held at 1330 W. Pico, Los Angeles, CA 90015 (the former LAUSD School Police building).
    PARKING: Limited onsite parking is available through the entrance behind the building off W. 14th St. Additional parking options exist in the surrounding parking lots for various fees/rates.  Attendees are responsible for their own parking arrangements and fees.
    LUNCH: Attendees are responsible for their own lunch.  There are a few eateries in the immediate area.
    We recommend that you visit both the District's and UTLA's websites for updates at the end of each RIF Hearing day. In anticipation of some of the questions that may arise, this District's webpage,, also provides information regarding the Reduction in Force Hearing and a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).
    The following resources are also available: Employee Service Center (213) 241-6670 and the Employee Assistance Program (800) 285-7717.

What to Expect During The First Few Days of the Hearing

  • Important:  Please be advised that this is a Court of Law and appropriate attire, behavior, and decorum is expected during attendance at the Hearing.

    In general, the first day of the RIF Hearing will involve procedural matters including instructions from the Administrative Law Judge, conferring with attorneys, opening statements, introducing relevant documentation into evidence, and dealing with matters such as late filing of notices, and possibly, beginning testimony by District administrative staff.

    During the first 3 days of the hearing, the District will present information in regards to the RIF proceedings, provide documents and begin hearing testimony from District administrative staff only.  Testimony from teachers and Support Service personnel is not anticipated or required during the District’s initial case presentation. The District encourages permanent teachers and support service personnel to coordinate with United Teachers Los Angeles (UTLA) staff/ legal representatives to plan for specific days when testimony may be required. In previous years, UTLA assisted in this process by posting online the names of employees that they planned to have testify on specific days.

    Attendance Vouchers will be distributed each day of the Hearing. If you remain at the Hearing for a full day and wish to request personal necessity absence for your attendance at the Hearing, present the voucher to your timekeeper.  Your timekeeper will match the voucher with a list of employees authorized to attend the RIF Hearing in order for you to request personal necessity absence for the day.  Please note that personal necessity absences are deducted from your full pay illness bank and are limited to a total of six (6) days per school year. 
    It is suggested that you monitor both the District's and UTLA's website for updates each day of the RIF Hearing.