Administrator RIF FAQ

  • 1.     Will certificated administrators receive notification if their services are not required for the 2015-2016 academic year?

    • Yes.  The Board of Education approved sending March 15 notices to selected certificated administrators informing them that they may be released.

    2.      If my position as an administrator is eliminated, what will happen?

    • You will be reassigned to an administrative position to which you have return rights, if applicable, or you will be reassigned to a non-administrative position to which you have return rights. You will receive a letter by June 30, 2015 regarding your reassignment for the 2015-2016 school year. If you do not have return rights, you will be released from District employment at the close of June 30, 2015.
    • If your seniority date in your contracted position falls within the seniority dates of the employees being released, you will receive a layoff notification for that position.

    3.      If I am a current administrator at a school site, will the central office cuts have an impact on my position?

    • If central office employees have return rights to former positions, such as principal, you may be impacted and/or reassigned. A subsequent letter regarding your reassignment will be sent to you by June 30, 2015.

    4.      If a specific class (for example, principals) must be reduced, what is the order of release?

    • According to the District-AALA Collective Bargaining Agreement, Article IX, Section 4.2, the order of release within a class is as follows:
                            a. Temporary (T1), then
                            b. Provision AR 4213 (V1), then 
                            c. Qualifying 1 (Q1), (Restricted AR 4214 W1) then
                            d. Qualifying 2 (Q2), (Restricted AR 4214 W1) and finally
                            e. Regular (R1)
    • Certificated employees assigned to Temporary Adviser positions, such as directors, specialists, small school principals or Instructional Specialists (generally class codes 0504, 0508, 0509, 0510, 0512, 0514, and 0515), do not have rights to this class and will be reassigned to the last class in which they hold return rights.
    • Administrators can check with their time reporter to obtain their class code. If a tie occurs in determining the order of release in a tenure-earning classification, the administrator with the earliest date of continuous assignment to a supervisory class is retained. If a tie still exists, the administrator with the earliest District seniority date is retained. Remaining ties are broken using the District seniority tiebreaker number.

    5.      Which office is responsible for administrator reassignments?

    • The responsible office is the Administrative Assignments Unit in the Human Resources Division. This unit works in conjunction with ESC Superintendents and/or Division Heads for the reassignment of employees.

    6.      What are an employee’s rights to a tenure-earning class from which he/she was released?

    • You will be assigned to a position to which you have return rights. According to the District-AALA Collective Bargaining Agreement, Article IX, Section 4.5, your name will be placed on a reassignment/reemployment list not to exceed a period of 39 months from the date of release or until an assignment consistent with this process has been made, whichever occurs first. Assignments will be offered as positions become available.

    7.      If I retire during the 39 months that I am on a reemployment list, do I remain on the list and am I able to “unretire” when I am reached on the reemployment list?

    • Retiring from a certificated position also requires an employee to resign from the District.  This resignation is an official separation from active District service.  Individuals who resign from the District during their 39 months on a reemployment list will be removed from the reemployment list as of the effective date of their resignation.

    8.      Where will I be able to obtain my seniority status?  

    9.      How will I know if I will be reassigned?

    • Your current administrator/supervisor should speak with you regarding your position. However, you will receive a letter from the Human Resources Division by June 30, 2015 regarding any reassignment.

    10.    Is there additional support available to laid off employees?

    • The Employee Service Center has been established to help all current and laid off District employees address a range of work-related issues and to access resources.
    • The Employee Assistance Program provides benefits through Managed Health Network, the behavioral health subsidiary of Health Net, Inc.  Services include counseling for employees who do not qualify for health insurance.  You can call toll free 800-285-7717 (or TDD: 800-327-0801), 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    • Employees with district health insurance may seek out counseling services through their health care provider.
     If you have any questions regarding this information, please e-mail or call (213) 241-6365.