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  • Inquiries regarding Student Records:

    Student Records Center
    P.O. Box 3307
    Los Angeles, CA 90051-1307

    Phone: 323-224-5950
    Phone Hours: Mon. - Thus., 9am - 2pm,      Fri., 9am - 1pm



Student Records Prior to 1995

  • Students who that graduated prior to 1995 must contact their former school. Ask the school clerk for your Record or Index Number. This number is required in order to process the request. Your request may be delayed if your Record or Index Number is missing. Please note that most LAUSD schools close in early June and will not be available to provide your Record of Index Number until the beginning of the next school year in August.
    The following schools do not use record or index numbers.
    • Jefferson High School
    • Jordan High School
    • Locke High School
    • Taft High School
    • Van Nuys High School