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Online & Blended Learning

  • Welcome to the Online & Blended Learning webpage.  Please click below for the current online courses available:


    There are TWO implementation models available to all LAUSD Schools:
    • ONLINE (APXL) - course offered online with an online instructor. These courses are intended for students needing original credit but are unable to include a specific class into their regular schedule.  Although these courses provide an online teacher with the appropriate subject credential, the school must identify a credentialed teacher (in any subject area) to serve as a mentor for the student.
      • Please note that there is a limited number of APXL licenses per school site. APXL licenses are intended to fill voids in a master schedule (i.e.-not enough students to warrant opening up a section). Requests to enroll more than 30 students in any given class will be declined. 
      • Enrollment batches will only be accepted the first two weeks of each semester (this allows students enough time to complete the 18-week course).
    • BLENDED (APX) - instruction delivered by a credentialed instructor in the subject are taught and some or all of the content is online. Although these courses may be completed for original credit, they are intended for students needing to make up credit.  Schools must provide the appropriate subject area credentialed teacher to be the primary instructor throughout the courses in a blended approach. The subject area credentialed teacher must be programmed into a period with the students.  

    Available only to PLAS and OPTION schools:
    • PRESCRIPTIVE/MASTERY-BASED - same as blended learning with a “test-out” feature. Mastery-based courses may be completed for credit recovery only. These courses are not NCAA approved.