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Online Credit-bearing Courses: Models of implementation

    Online courses are offered in the instructional settings defined below:
    • "Virtual" Implementation (EDGL): Course offered online with the vendor providing the appropriately credentialed teacher. These courses are NCAA-approved. 


    • "Blended" Implementation: Instruction is delivered by an LAUSD credentialed instructor and the digital content is provided by the online vendor.  These courses are NCAA-approved. 


    • Prescriptive versions (EDGP/EDVP): These courses are intended for credit recovery only. When available, both virtual and blended implementation models may offer a course in a prescriptive (mastery-based) version. These courses are the same as the core (original credit) version with a “test-out” feature.   

    Prescriptive courses are not NCAA-approved regardless if offered in the Virtual model. 

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