• Honors Advanced Mathematics

    Honors Advanced Mathematics is accelerated, starting from important concepts in CC Algebra 2, covering all topics in the regular Precalculus course, and advancing through introductory concepts of Limit, instantaneous rate of change including differentiation, and definite integral. This course is designed to advance students’ knowledge of mathematics, in order for them to become adept at problem solving - allowing them to model real-world situations, explore complex ideas in depth, and develop good problem-solving skills required in various applications. Higher-level thinking strategies are reinforced, and idea-rich mathematical discourse involving students constructing viable argument and critiquing the idea of others provide them the opportunity to practice these higher-level thinking strategies, and to understand mathematics as a formal language that describes the world around them.
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    Honors Advanced Mathematics Video (New Paid PD currently on MyPLN)  - This video outlines the purpose of this course, the topics addressed, the curriculum map for the course, key assignments, instructional strategies, and assessments.