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     School Response to Emergencies

    Public Health
    Public Health – LAUSD has a strong working relationship with the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health. Our school doctors and nurses work closely with their counterparts in Public Health to ensure that all students are monitored and protected. Our school staff is kept informed about the best practices that will stop the spread of infections. Schools are routinely cleaned to ensure their safety.
    In the event of a public health emergency, school staff will be directed by the District doctors to implement the best public health practices.
    Schools encourage students to:
    • Wash their hands often, but especially after visiting the restroom and before eating.
    • Cough into their sleeves
    • Do not “share” food or personal items such as brushes or combs.
    • Stay home when they have a fever or are ill.
    • Get all suggested as well as required vaccinations, especially flu shots.
    • Parents will be notified through the automated Blackboard Connect messaging system and /or written notices sent home with information on preventive measures, treatment and vaccinations.