Business Continuity Planning

     Business Continuity Plans (BCPs) for Los Angeles Unified Divisions and Units

    Business Continuity planning is the ability of businesses to carry out their normal activities and function after unplanned events have occurred, through their essential tasks, resources, and personnel.

    The LAUSD Business Continuity Plan Template document is used by divisions and offices Districtwide to house their specific plans.  These plans contain elements such as:

    • Essential Functions
      • Identify essential functions and services that are needed to sustain division mission and operations.
      • Determine what functions will ultimately need to be prioritized in the worst-case scenario.
      • Establish how the division may be re-organized to accommodate prioritization of functions for the division and for the district.
    • Critical Resources
      • Identify critical resources (staffing and equipment) necessary for Divisions to carry out essential functions and where such resources may be acquired, internally and externally, if necessary.
    • Essential Staff
      • List essential staffing positions for sustaining mission and operations and identify alternate staff members who can also fill essential positions (ensure there are multiple individuals capable of completing all essential functions).
      • Consider staffing reassignment options for critical positions to mitigate the impact of a reduced workforce.
      • Establish orders of succession, building out three deep for each leadership role.
      • Confirm Delegations of Authority to ensure that decision-making proceeds efficiently during times of crisis.
    • Communications
      • Establish the processes for notifying division/workplace employees of changes to the work environment and conditions and sharing other critical, timely information. Consider how processes may be different for communications with internal/external partners.
      • Establish the methods used for notification and dissemination of critical information. Ensure that:
        • Contact rosters are complete and up to date
        • General messages are pre-staged when possible
        • Test the system and users by sending occasional test messages
        • Establish a back-up method for messaging.
    • Essential Record Management
      • Identify, protect, and ensure the ready availability of electronic and/or hard-copy documents, references, records, and information necessary to complete essential functions.
    • Reconstitution
      • Outline the process for returning to normal function.
     Related terms:
    The School Continuity of Operations Form is a place to record the essential functions and personnel, to ensure that a school continues to operate if key staff are absent. It is different than a schools Instructional Continuity plan.
    A contingency plan refers to an actionable and defined plan that will be enacted if an identified business risk or unfortunate event occurs. Business units use their continuity plan to assist with developing a contingency plan. 
    A Business Continuity Plan (BCP) is a critical plan designed to be used by divisions during a disruption or disaster to ensure that essential business functions continue and are able to support the District’s educational mission.