• Branch Overview

    Accounting Controls
    The Accounting Control Branch's major roles are internal controls, audit facilitation, reconciliation, division support, and system maximization.

    Accounts Payable
    The Accounts Payable Branch is responsible for the payment of all non-salary obligations of the District through the processing of "B" warrants. Branch staff also respond to inquiries from vendors, auditors, governmental agencies, employees and Administrators. Accounts Payable Branch is responsible for maintaining vendor payment files and processing IRS Tax Form 1099 for all contracted services as mandated by federal regulations.

    General Accounting
    The General Accounting Branch is responsible developing and preparing various mandated financial reports, maintaining the District's general ledgers, accounting for specially funded and integration programs, and ensuring compliance with the Standardized Account Code Structure (SACS) utilized by all California school districts.

    Payroll Services
    The Payroll Services Branch is responsible for payment of all salary obligations to employees of the District.  The Branch is in charge of all processes and functions pertaining to the issuance of salary payments, including but not limited to the following business activities: production and monitoring of payroll runs, deductions (mandatory and voluntary) - accounting, maintenance and payment to Payroll vendors, retirement contributions and reporting, payment adjustments and corrections, tax reporting-W2 productions and tax payments to government agencies, bank reconciliation and maintenance of warrants and automatic payroll deposits, garnishments, deductions and distributions, disbursements of salary payments and pay statements, and Employee Service Center functions– customer service, training and support on business systems relating to the Accounting and Disbursement Division.

    The Revenue Branch is responsible for cash receipts, the developer fee program, mandated cost and the accounting for charter schools and job cost.

    The Treasury Branch's major roles are bond accounting, providing professional expert support to Facilities Services Division, and managing the District's debt, cash flow, and investments.