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    For our families in LAUSD to get a glimpse of the successes and projects happening in the Division of Instruction


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Educational Odyssey: A Journey Through K-12 Programst
Episode 2 - Navigating BETTER FAFSA for College Success
A conversation between Dr. Baez, Alison Murray, Antonia Guzman, Gerardo, and Quitxia Aguila from the International Studies Learning Center helps guide students and their families through the intricate process of BETTER FAFSA. This podcast will provide valuable insights and tips to demystify BETTER FAFSA, making higher education more accessible.
Guest Speaker(s):
  • Alison Murray, History Teacher
  • Antonia Guzman, AP English Teacher
  • Gerardo and Quitxia, students
Educational Odyssey: A Journey Through K-12 Programst
Episode 1 - Innovation Intellectuals: A Robotic Journey
A conversation between Dr. Baez, Coach Harold Halcomb, and two students from Robert H. Lewis Continuation High School talk about the Robotics team and how it enhanced their high school experience. How working together as a team evoked camaraderie, critical thinking skills, problem-solving skills, and thinking fast on your feet.

This podcast will explore the impact, excitement, and educational benefits of Robotic programs in schools and how students and their coaches are shaping the future through Robotics. Plus, we highlighted the students’ achievements, their teacher’s dedication, and the boundless opportunities that arise from embracing robotics in the classroom.
Guest Speaker(s):
  • Dr. Harold Halcomb, Robotics Coach/Science Teacher
  • Marielena Gonzalez, Student
  • Christian Martinez, Student
  • Erick Sanchez