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    A message from Cora Watkins, Director

    Community Schools Initiative

    LA Unified Community Schools deliberately and collaboratively use a social justice theory of action to address the economic and social barriers that are the underlying cause of opportunity and achievement gaps so that all students can reach high levels of academic success in order to be ready to thrive in college, career, and life.

    The LA Unified Community Schools Initiative will improve student outcomes through addressing students’ academic, cognitive, physical, mental, and social-emotional needs. Needs of children and youth will be met by building a positive school climate and trusting relationships, along with providing rich and rigorous learning opportunities that prepare all students to be ready for the world. The question is, how do we identify the work that needs to be done? How do we identify the "right" supports?

    The starting point is the "ANA".  Each of our Community Schools has been engaged this entire year in a deep Assets and Needs Assessment (ANA) process.  The goal is to reach 75% to 100% of each school's interest-holder groups: students, parents, staff, faculty, and community partners, in order to go deep into discovering what is working well at the schools and what may need to work better. 
    How this gargantuan task is best accomplished is through school teams led by the Community Schools Coordinators.  The work of gathering this data is done through multiple means, including surveys, using existing data like the School Experience Survey(SES),1:1 empathy interviews, as well as taking into account street data, amongst other things.  The data compilation will lead, potentially, to more questions, but will also help the school community to identify priorities related to each of the four Community Schools Pillars: Integrated Student Supports, Collaborative Leadership and Practices, Expanded and Enhanced Learning Opportunities, and Active Family and Community Engagement. These priorities must then be looked at within the context of available resources.
    What sets Community Schools apart from "traditional schools" is the extent to which this ANA process should, can, and does influence budget development and resource allocation. When we get down to the nitty-gritty of "social justice," it simply means the fair and equitable distribution of all resources to those within the ecosystem. ANA is the best process by which we get to a socially just budget.
      - Cora
    For additional information, please contact Esperanza Martinez at or Cora Watkins at

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Congratulations to these bold school teams who have decided to embark on the CS journey toward creating a sustainable change at their sites:

Charnock Road Elementary

Cheremoya Avenue Elementary

Coliseum Street Elementary

Hancock Park Elementary

Lexington Avenue Primary Center

Public Service at Diego Rivera Learning Complex

Woodland Hills Academy

24th Street Elementary

4th Street Primary Center

Aldama Elementary 

Belvedere Elementary

Bertrand Elementary

Cheviot Hills Continuation High

Horace Mann UCLA Community School

Jefferson Senior High

Johnnie L. Cochran, Jr. Middle School

Leland Street Elementary

McAlister High School

Maclay Middle School

Marlton Span School

Marvin Avenue Elementary 

Monroe High School

Northridge Middle School

School of Social Justice at MCLC

School of Business and Tourism at MCLC

Towne Avenue Elementary 

Valley Oaks Center for Enriched Studies (VOCES)

Westchester Enriched Sciences Magnets

West Vernon Avenue Elementary 

Hillcrest Drive Elementary

Purche Elementary School

Trinity Elementary School 

Academic Leadership Community at MCLC

Venice High School  


Baldwin Hills Elementary

Carlos Santana Arts Academy

Ellen Ochoa Learning Center

Gardner Street Elementary

Hillcrest Drive Elementary

Logan Academy of Global Ecology

Lucille Roybal-Allard Elementary

Palms Elementary

Sharp Avenue Elementary


Middle School

Audubon Middle School

Carver Middle School


High School

 Augustus F. Hawkins High School

 Susan Dorsey Miller High School



74th Street Elementary School

Alta California Elementary School

Alta Loma Elementary School

Catskill Elementary School

Euclid Avenue Elementary School

Farmdale Elementary School

Miramonte Elementary School

93rd Street Elementary School

Van Nuys Elementary School

Vine Street Elementary School

Walnut Park Elementary School

Middle School

Marina Del Rey Middle School


High School

L.A. Global Studies at Miguel Contreras 

Mendez High School

Panorama High School

Polytechnic High School

Woodrow Wilson High School 

Elementary School

109th Street Elementary

Belvedere Elementary School

Ford Blvd. Elementary



Middle School


Belvedere Middle School

San Fernando Middle School

Univ. Pathways Public Service Academy



High School


Communication and Technology, Diego Rivera LC

East LA Performing Arts Magnet, Torres HS

East LA Renaissance Academy, Torres HS

George Washington Prep. HS

Humanitas Academy of Arts and Technology

Public Service Community School, Diego Rivera LC

San Fernando HS

Social Justice Leadership Academy

Torres High School Engineering and Technology


Leo Politi Elementary

UCLA Community School

Horace Mann UCLA Community School

Social Justice Humanitas


John H. Liecthy Middle School

Boyle Heights 

Hollenbeck Middle School

Menedez High School


107th Street Elementary School 

99th Street Elementary School

Grape Street Elementary School

Markham Middle School 

Jordan High School

West Los Angeles

Webster Middle School

Mark Twain Middle School

Hamilton High School

South LA

Clinton Middle School

Santee Educational Complex