• Critical Employee Emergency Planning

  • California Government Code Section 3100-3109 states in part:

    “It is hereby declared that the protection of the health and safety and preservation of the lives and property of the people of the state from the effects of natural, manmade, or war-caused emergencies which result in conditions of disaster or extreme peril to life, property, and resources is of paramount state importance…in protection of its citizens and resources, all public employees are

    As public employees, all District employees are disaster service workers. All charter school employees (independent and affiliated) are also disaster service workers. Because we serve a population which is dependent on our services, we cannot abandon this critical responsibility. We need to be prepared to protect all of our students during an emergency.

    Please ensure that you and your family are prepared. Please make sure that your family has everything they need to be self-sufficient for five to seven days without regular utilities or services.

What does disaster service mean?
Disaster service means all activities authorized by and carried out pursuant to the California Emergency Services Act*.

Who is included in the disaster service worker status?
All public employees are included in the disaster service worker status which are all persons employed by any county, city, state agency or public district. ALL LAUSD employees are disaster service workers, as are all charter school employees.

What are the scope of duties of employee disaster service workers?

Any public employees performing duties as a disaster service worker shall be considered to be acting within the scope of disaster service duties while assisting any unit of the organization or performing any act contributing to the rotection of life or property or mitigating the effects of an emergency.

Do public employees acting as disaster service workers get paid?

Public employees acting as disaster service workers get paid only if they have taken and subscribed to the oath or affirmation.

How are public employees assigned disaster service activities?
Public employees are assigned disaster service activities by their superiors or by law to assist the agency in carrying out its responsibilities during times of disaster.

What is the oath or affirmation referred to in the government code?
Before entering upon the duties of employment, all public employees take and subscribe to the oath or affirmation set forth in the California Constitution that declares them to be disaster service workers in time of need.

When does disaster service worker status apply?
Employees may be activated as disaster service workers any time of day or night if there has been a declared disaster, and may be recalled during a work stoppage.

When do public employees take the oath or affirmation?
Most public employees sign the oath or affirmation during the hiring process and it is kept with the employer.

Can disaster service workers be sued for actions taken while performing duties?
Public employee disaster service workers for nonprofit organizations and government cannot be held liable for their actions during a disaster while acting within the scope of their responsibilities.

What if public employees are injured while acting as disaster service workers?
Claims sustained by public employees while performing disaster services shall be filed as worker compensation claims under the same authorities and guidelines as with all employees within their agency.


    For additional information, contact the Office of Emergency Services at 213-241-5337 or jill.barnes@lausd.net.