Understanding School Calendars

  • The Los Angeles Unified School District seeks views on the school calendar. A meeting was set up in each local district, along with this website, to explain the process.
    In mid-November, parents, guardians and District employees will be contacted for their preference in taking the survey: either online or over the telephone.
    Survey opinions will inform Los Angeles Board of Education members when voting to approve the calendar. Their decision will cover the next three years.
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2015 Fall School Calendar Survey Timeline

  • Parent/Guardian Survey Timeline
    November 16 and 17
    Parents/guardians will receive a Blackboard Connect message asking their preferred survey method.
           Survey Options:
    • Complete a Blackboard Connect phone survey
    • Fill out an online survey
    •  Not interested in completing the survey
    November 18, 19 and December 1
    Phone survey calls will be made only to families who selected this option. Once a parent completes the survey, the phone number will be removed from subsequent survey calls.
    • Please note that there will be no calls made from November 20 through November 30.

    November 18 through December 6: Online survey is available.

    Employee Survey Timeline:
    •  November 18 through December 6: Online survey is available.

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