MiSiS Updates - March 13, 2024

Posted by The MiSiS Team on 3/13/2024

The following items have been enhanced/corrected in MiSiS:



  • The Student Transfer report has been enhanced to allow transfer types with over 50 characters to be displayed.
  • The Homeless Roster report has been enhanced by changing the report column from SRQ Recv'D date to SHQ Recv'd Date.



  • The Elementary Reorganization report has been enhanced to include the i-Ready Math assessment data for qualifying students. The updated Elementary Reorganization Report job aid is available on the MiSiS website.



  • The MiSiS interface to Blackboard Connect has been enhanced to include Continuation High School attendance data for absent and/or tardy with reason codes of 2- Unexcused, or 3- Non-compliant, or 0- No Note, or UC, to send daily attendance calls.
  • The Attendance Taking screens have been corrected to no longer display class sections with Section Attribute of Exclude Attendance.
  • The Attendance Summary report has been corrected to accurately display students when the Group parameters are selected.


English Learner

  • The RFEP Monitoring Letter report has been corrected to include all eligible students when generating the report with the “By Teacher and Period” option.



  • The GATE Student SAS Identification Process has been corrected to properly identify eligible students.


Graduation Standards

  • The Individualized Graduation Plan (IGP) report and Graduation Standards Summary screen have been enhanced to apply the following rules:
    • the ELD substitution rule for failed core 9th grade English courses for the class of 2027 and beyond
    • the validation rule for Advanced Math to require completion of the second semester advanced math with a ‘C’ or better to validate the entire math sequence for the class of 2027 and beyond for graduation


Student Support

  • The Intervention screen has been enhanced to allow users to type in the Intervention Time and Entered By Titles.
  • The Option School Referral screen has been enhanced as follows: 
    • Referred To School: City of Angels VA was removed and Add Carlson Hospital (1944) was added.
    • Referral Reason: Medical and Non-Medical options were added to the dropdown menu but are only available for selection when Referred to School is Carlson Hospital, location 1944.