MiSiS Updates - February 14, 2024

Posted by The MiSiS Team on 2/14/2024

The following items have been enhanced/corrected in MiSiS:



  • The Home Correspondence Language field on the Enrollment screen has been enhanced with language names, based on CALPADS changes.



  • The Sections Editor screen has been enhanced to allow schools to search for teachers/staff using numeric values.
  • The Concurrent Term Editor screen has been corrected to allow schools to map experimental courses and properly filter for mappings where target courses are missing.
  • The Change Student Section screen has been corrected to properly process Level 2 requests.



  • The Informational Absence report has been enhanced to allow Continuation Schools to generate this report.


English Learner

  • The English Learner Monitoring Roster report has been corrected to include students’ academic progress when generated using the “By Teacher and Period” option.



  • The Teacher Verification of Marks – Secondary report has been corrected to display attendance.


Graduation Standards

  • The Science subject area on the LAUSD A-G Requirements Detail screen has been enhanced to display the heading “Courses Completed for UC 3rd Year”, which will include the courses completed under the categories of Applied Science, Computer Science, and Engineering.
  • The Graduation Progress report and the Graduation Eligibility Status for 2016 & Beyond report have been enhanced to include the Ethnic Studies section for Class of 2027 and beyond.


Independent Study

  • The IS Supervising Designee(s) field on the Master Agreement and Record of Assignment report has been corrected to only display IS Supervising Designee(s) at the selected school(s).
  • The IS: Independent Study Profile Alert screen has been corrected to display, “Student is in Independent Study.”


Student Support

  • The Intervention Mass Entry screen has been corrected to allow users to add interventions for the current day.
  • The Support Referral screens have been enhanced to display all users with access in the staff dropdown fields.