MiSiS Updates - March 15, 2023

Posted by The MiSiS Team on 3/15/2023

The following items have been enhanced/corrected in MiSiS:


Independent Study

  • The Master Agreement (MA) and Record of Assignment (ROA) screens have been enhanced to consider the Adobe Parent (Parent/Guardian/Educational Rights Holder) Signature. The MA and ROA Start Dates are updated with the Parent’s signature date as follows:
    • If the Parent’s signature is after the MA End Date or the minimum 3-day requirements is no longer met, the record’s status is automatically marked as Void.
    • If the Parent’s signature date is in between the MA Start and End date and within the minimum 3-day requirements is met, the MA and ROA Start dates are automatically updated to the Parent signature date and the duration is adjusted accordingly. 
    • At IS Schools for Long-Term/Full-Time, only the MA Start date is updated and the ROA Dates are unchanged.
    • If the Parent does not sign within 10 school days, the record will be marked as Void.
  • At IS Schools for Long-Term/Full-Time, a new report named Non-Participation Letter Report is now available under the Reports menu. This report generates an 8 ½ X 11 letter per student to be sent to Parents/Guardians for students that have 1- No Participation records. The report also includes an Excel file that lists all students that meet the criteria which can be used to create mailing labels.
  • For secondary students in Short-Term IS at comprehensive, opportunity, and continuation schools, the Time Value screen is now available. The screen displays each completed ROA and summarizes credit earned and grade awarded by the IS Subject/Course teacher to determine days of attendance credit earned.