MiSiS Updates - July 20, 2022

Posted by The MiSiS Team on 7/20/2022

MiSiS Announcements:

Independent Study

BUL-6779.4 Guidelines for Independent Study Programs, scheduled to be published by August 1st requires the usage of MiSiS for all Independent Study (IS) Programs except for Extraordinary Conditions. The policy will include General Procedures for Independent Study Programs that must be followed for each IS Program type.


The following items have been enhanced/corrected in MiSiS:


  • Legal Guardian checkbox has been renamed Legal Guardian/ERH (Educational Rights Holder) on the Parent/Guardian
  • Tooltips now display next to fields for the following fields: Legal Guardian/ERH, Primary Guardian, Lives With, and Additional Correspondence on the Parent/Guardian
  • A new leave reason, 12th Grade Returning for Additional Year, was added to the withdrawal screen for L1 Same School leave code.
  • A new leave reason, Return to Home School from Options/Alternative School, was added to the withdrawal screen for L2 Other LAUSD School.
  • The issue impacting TE students on the withdrawal screen has been corrected.
  • A new language, Kazakh, has been added to the Home Correspondence Language and Student Language dropdown. ASL was renamed American Sign Language (ASL).


  • The Master Absence Report – Continuation report has been enhanced to display student’s grade level as of the user selected End Date.
  • The Attendance Summary Report has been corrected to display all students, and a space and comma has been added between the teacher’s last and first name.
  • At IS Schools (City of Angels/Virtual Academies), the IS Weekly Attendance Teacher Roster Screen has been corrected to allow IS School Teachers the ability to submit attendance for the default attendance status and reason code:

Athletic Eligibility

  • The Attendance Daily Check Report has been enhanced to allow users the ability to multi-select the Campus parameter.

English Learner

  • The Initial Notification of Enrollment and Placement report has been enhanced to include new EL and RFEP student graduation rates for the 20-21 school year.
  • The Initial Parent Notification of Language Test Results report has been enhanced to reflect a change on the location of the date and student’s grade level.
  • The Mass Notification Date Entry and English Learner Parent Notification Dates screens have been enhanced with a new notification value of “Individual Reclassification Plan”. Schools are now required to add IRP notifications for all LTEL and PLTEL students using these screens.  The Counseling Communication screen will no longer be used for adding this notification type.


  • The Elementary Schools CCS Report Card has been enhanced such that a new selection parameter has been added that allows the users to generate the report as a Mailer version or a non-Mailer version.
    • When the Mailer version is selected, the report that is generated will be the current 4-page version which includes the ‘To’ and ‘From’ addresses for mailing, as well as the Student and Parent PIN information.
    • When the non-Mailer version is selected, the report will generate as a 2-page report and will not contain addresses nor PIN information.

Independent Study

Per upcoming policy BUL-6779.4, the following enhancements have been completed:

  • New school-based user roles have been created, users may request access through oneAccess:
    • IS Supervising Designee: For Long-Term/Full-Time, this role is automatically issued to all IS Schools (City of Angels/Virtual Academies) Teachers. For Short-Term Elementary, the pupil’s scheduled teacher is designated as the ISSD. For Short-Term Secondary, Opportunity and Continuation and Part-Time (two classes), one of the scheduled teachers is assigned as the IS Supervising Designee.
    • IS Administrator: For limited circumstances when IS procedures have been followed, and all IS forms have been accurately completed, this role can back date and upload the singed MA. The ROA and evaluation records must be entered in MiSiS. This role also provides the ability to void MA/ROA records that have not been signed by the parent.
  • New screens have been developed and are located under the student profile Miscellaneous > Independent Study tab:
    • Master Agreement
    • Record of Assignment
    • Both forms are automatically routed for electronic signatures, and may be viewed through the Master Agreement Summary screen
  • The Update Attendance screen has been enhanced to allow users Comprehensive Elementary, Secondary, Opportunity Schools users the ability to submit attendance for Short-Term IS after the Master Agreement End Date using the newly created IS Attendance taking codes:
    • IC (IS Complete): Attendance credit earned for time value of work equivalent to at least a minimum school day
    • IN (IS Not Complete/Absent): IS assignment submission or evaluation pending, incomplete assignments, or did not complete enough assignments equivalent to a minimum school day
  • For Short-Term IS offered at comprehensive Elementary, Secondary, and Opportunity Schools, the student’s schedule remains the same as the regular course sections for IS and should not be changed. The Periods screen in Master Scheduling has been enhanced with the removal of Period X. The Independent Study Section Attribute is no longer available for selection.
  • For Long-Term/Full-Time at IS Schools, a new Daily Participation Screen has been created and is available through the Weekly Teacher Roster to enter records for a group of students, and under the Student Profile > Miscellaneous > Independent Study tab to add and edit records for individual students.
  • For Master Agreements that are in Final state (signed by the parent), the Enrollment, No Show, and Withdrawal screens have been enhanced to:
    • Update the MA/ROA Start and End Dates with the user entered Entry, Withdrawal, or No Show Date.
    • If the student no longer meets the minimum 3 consecutive school day requirement, the MA/ROA records are voided.

State Reports

  • The Elementary, ESY Elementary, Carlson Home and Carlson Hospital Elementary Classification Reports have been enhanced to display ETK, TK, and K counts separately by teacher.

Student Support

  • The Student Support Summary Report has been corrected and now lists all students, and the Entered by parameter is in alpha order.
  • Per upcoming BUL-5808.5, the following enhancements have been completed:
  • Support Intervention screen:
    • No longer includes discipline intervention reasons. Actions provided prior to submitting a support referral for discipline referral reason(s), are now to be documented on the Referral screen under Other Means of Correction.
  • Support Referral screens:
    • Access has been updated to only allow the Principal, Discipline Designee and Office Manager user roles the ability to submit a referral for discipline referral reason(s). Teachers and other staff may submit a paper referral request.
    • The Prior Intervention field can only be selected after a counseling reason has been selected
    • Added a new field named Other Means of Correction, only available for selection after a Discipline Referral reason has been selected
    • The Possible Motivation(s) field has been removed
    • The Message at the bottom of the screen was updated to indicate who has access to submit a support referral for discipline reason(s)
  • Student Support Reports have been modified to display Prior Interventions for counseling referral reasons and Other Means of Correction for discipline referral reasons:
  • Student Support Summary Report
  • Social Adjustment Report
  • Student Support Summary Report
  • Referral Response In-line Report

Summer School

  • The ESY Grade by Class screen is available for grade entry for elementary ESY students.