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State Appointed, Neutral Fact Finder Issues Report (12-18-18)

Supports Los Angeles Unified Offer to UTLA leadership of September 2018

Offer provides a 6 percent raise, back pay to 2017 and a significant amount of additional money to be used to reduce class sizes and hire additional nurses, librarians and counselors

UTLA has agreed to the 6 percent salary raise

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The state appointed, neutral Fact Finder issued a report (Report) which is consistent with Los Angeles Unified’s offer to United Teachers Los Angeles (UTLA) of September 2018. The main elements of the offer included:

  • Six percent salary raise with no contingencies and back pay to 2017
  • $30 million of additional funding to reduce class size and hire additional counselors, librarians and nurses
  • The formation of a working group for Los Angeles Unified and UTLA to agree on replacement language in the contract which deals with class size

The Report also confirmed Los Angeles Unified has a large and recurring budget deficit and recommends Los Angeles Unified and UTLA work together with the state legislature and the Governor to secure additional funding. Ninety percent of the funding for Los Angeles Unified is provided by the state legislature in Sacramento, the remaining 10 percent by the Federal government. Los Angeles Unified is already working on this effort with its other labor partners and community organizations.

The Report also issued an opinion on several smaller issues, some in support of Los Angeles Unified and some in support of UTLA leadership. The Report also noted that the review of these smaller issues was limited in time, scope and depth and suggested that Los Angeles Unified and UTLA work together to resolve these.

UTLA has agreed to the 6 percent salary raise.

Los Angeles Unified does not want a strike – which only UTLA can authorize – as a strike would harm students, families and communities most in need. Los Angeles Unified believes the Fact Finder Report and the agreement on 6 percent can provide the basis for a reasonable settlement of the remaining items and hopes UTLA will engage in good faith bargaining to find an agreement.

On December 5, 2018, UTLA leadership said, “We look forward to the release of the fact-finding…report.” The Fact Finder has spoken and it is now time for UTLA leadership to live up to its word and begin to bargain in good faith so these issues can be resolved.

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