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Q. What has changed with the Walk-In screen?

  1. The Walk-In screen has been updated to include more identifying information for students.  The Students grid shows all of the students enrolled at your campus.  The Student Summary grid shows the selected student’s details, such as counselor name, alerts and quick links to the transcript and English learner information.  The Student Schedule grid shows the selected student’s schedule of classes, periods, and options to select past sections, hide.  The Offered Sections grid details the sections by course name, teacher, or section type that are offered at your school.  The Requests grid shows student, requests by course number and course name, that were scheduled and unscheduled for the selected student.  You have the option to use the Automated Scheduler to have the scheduling engine schedule those unscheduled requests.  This is usually used for students that walk in after the school year has started.  Please refer to the master scheduling guide on the MiSiS website for more details.