• MiSiS Updates - September 13, 2023

    Posted by The MiSiS Team on 9/13/2023

    MiSiS Announcements:


    Procedures for Student Photos

    As schools are starting to hold their Picture Day, Principals are encouraged to visit the LAUSD Photo Portal to manage their student photos. Student photos that are uploaded to the Portal by the school or the authorized photo vendor will appear in MiSiS within 24-48 hours. Please visit our Resources and Job Aids page to view the student photo job aids and checklist.



    The following items have been enhanced/corrected in MiSiS:



    • The Office Summons report may now be accessed by those with the Special Education Provider user role.



    • The Sections Editor screen has been corrected to prevent overlapping student section enrollments in the “Move Students” functionality. The MiSiS team will conduct data cleanups to address any existing overlapping student sections.
    • The Walk-In screen has been corrected to allow student schedule changes when a new section is added, and the prior section is ended.



    • All Truancy screens and reports have been enhanced with the current school year Truancy Notification dates.
    • The Initial Notification of Truancy Letters report has been corrected to display the accurate number of full-day absences.
    • The Attendance Not Submitted report School parameter has been corrected to single select.
    • The Contact Log located under the student profile picture, Contact Log Mass Update located under the Advanced Search screen, and the comprehensive school Teacher Roster have been updated as follows:
      • Revised disclaimer “**All comments are pupil records, and are subject to be viewed by parents, school based and District staff. Comments must be appropriate and factual. ** Use the Contact Log to document brief interactions or attempts of communication with students and parents/caregivers.”
      • The Contact Reason field has been updated to Primary Contact Reason
      • When users click the edit icon on the Contact Log screen, the pop-up message, "The student’s Parent (natural parent, adoptive parent, legal guardian, or educational rights holder) has been notified of and consents to the edit(s) to the student record” displays
      • The options below have been removed from the Reasons dropdown menu:
        • Behavior
        • Grades
        • Promotion Graduation
        • Special Education
        • Testing
        • SST/COST
        • 504
        • Other
      • An additional required single select field named “Person Contacted Type” has been added
      • The Comments/Notes max character count has been reduced to 140 characters in the section
      • The Last Update By and Last Update Date/Time have been added to the View screen



    • The New Transportation Request dropdown in the Bus Schedule screen has been enhanced to include the option for “Space Available Basis.”


    English Learner

    • The Alternate Curriculum Individual Reclassification Plan screen has been enhanced to display a checkmark with ‘yes’ if the student is identified as receiving alternate curriculum services per an active IEP.
    • The Mass Notification Date Entry screen has been corrected to allow the selection and addition of all applicable notification types.



    • The Health Screening screen has been corrected to no longer error out when the Dental and/or Vision screening fields are blank.


    Graduation Standards

    • The Graduation Standards Summary screen has been enhanced to include the Ethnic Studies in the LAUSD Requirements section to track progress toward completion of Ethnic Studies coursework for students in the class of 2027 and Beyond.
    • The Individualized Graduation Plan report is now available in Armenian, Korean, and Mandarin for students whose Home Correspondence Language indicates the translated languages.


    Independent Study

    • The screens and reports listed below have been enhanced to replace the Adobe Signature process with an on-screen certification statement that serves as a digital signature. The in-line reports display the user’s name and date on the signature line field.
      • Record of Assignment (ROA) Evaluation - all IS Programs
      • Ongoing ROA - Long-Term/Full-Time
      • IS Supervising Designee Change - Long-Term/Full-Time
      • Time Value Evaluation - Secondary Short-Term
    • The Master Agreement screen has been enhanced to allow users to create records for students enrolled in schools within the campus for Short-Term and Part-Time IS.
    • The Elementary Master Agreement in-line report has been corrected to display the correct grade level on the PDF in-line report.
    • The Master Agreement/Record of Assignment report has been corrected to display the accurate Independent Study Supervising Designee in the ISSD dropdown menu.
    • The ROA screen for Secondary Long-Term/Full-Time has been corrected to display all course sections when the ROA is created using the Free Text option.
    • The Daily Participation report has been corrected to display the scheduled teacher and no longer displays an error message when specific date ranges are selected.


    Student Support

    • The Support Referral screen has been corrected to allow users to enter Actions Taken for Counseling Referral Reasons.
    • The Student Support Summary and Social Adjustment reports have been enhanced to include new Intervention screen fields.
    • The Intervention screen has been enhanced to remove outdated or unnecessary fields and addition of new ones, and removed access for the following user roles:
      • Discipline Designee
      • District Administrator
      • School Full Read
      • Secondary Athletic Director
      • Secondary Auxiliary Director
      • SPED Private School Admin
      • Transportation Administrator
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