Integrated Disability Management

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     Workers' Comp

     Workers' Compensation


    The Workers' Compensation program provides state-mandated benefits to LAUSD employees who sustain a work-related injury/illness without fault. LAUSD is self-insured, which means that the District, not an insurance company, pays for claims' actual costs. The District contracts with a third-party administrator to manage the workers’ compensation claims the behalf of the district.

    The Workers' Compensation Department is committed to providing prompt and compassionate assistance to LAUSD employees who have experienced a worker-related injury or illness. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional care and facilitating their recovery with integrity, transparency, and fairness within the parameters of the workers’ compensation statute. Through effective communication and collaboration, we strive to support the recovery of our employees. Our ultimate goal is to foster a supportive environment where employees can return to work motivated and productive, ensuring the success of our students and the LAUSD community.

    Please send your inquiry or request via e-mail to WorkersCompensation@lausd.net, or contact the workers’ compensation claims processing specialist assigned to your Region (refer to the IDM contact list).