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    MyTeam is accessible through LAUSD’s reporting system, GetData, where you also can access MyData with a single login. For information about system status and availability, visit the GetData home page at https://www.lausd.org/getdata.

    NOTE: Some users are displaying a 403--Error when logging into GetData. Refer to News and Announcements at https://www.lausd.org/getdata.



    MyTeam is an online reporting tool which provides managers with access to employee information, user-friendly reports, and detailed data for customized analysis focused on staff at K-12 schools.  Available data includes classroom teacher and administrator evaluation history; staff rosters; teacher turnover and principal tenure; teacher course assignment history for the past three school years; and classified and certificated position assignment history and attendance data (including top dates of absences by day of the week, attendance rates, and detailed individual employee absence data).



    Please use the link above to sign in to MyTeam. This tool is available to specific central office and Local District leadership, as well as principals. (Principals automatically are provided with access.) If access is needed for additional managers, such as Assistant Principals, to perform their job functions, the Access Request Form must be completed and submitted for review.


    Resources and Support 

    General User Guide -Step-by-step instructions for navigating MyTeam.

    Additional general information is contained in the General help document available from the home page by clicking on the book icon on the right side of the Welcome ribbon near the top of the page: 


    Teacher Evaluation History and Recommendations – Using MyTeam for updating staff rosters and making deferral decisions for teachers
    Attendance Tips – Using MyTeam for staff attendance monitoring
    Report Specific Help - Throughout MyTeam, help documents explaining each report are easily accessible by clicking on the icon of a book with a question mark on the cover (located in the upper left portion of the page):
    Access Request Form – Request access for additional managers (e.g., Assistant Principals)
    For additional questions not addressed by these resources, please contact us at myteam@lausd.net.