Office of the Chief Business Officer

  • Mission Statement

    The Office of the Chief Business Officer partners with all other LAUSD groups to support the District's academic objectives while also maintaining the appropriate fiduciary roles expected by the District's taxpayers.

    About Our Office




    David D. Hart
    Chief Business Officer



    333 South Beaudry Avenue, 26th Floor
    Los Angeles, CA 90017



    Fax: 213-241-6813





  • Accounting & Disbursements Division

    The Mission of the Accounting and Disbursements Division is to effectively receive, disburse, and account for funds to meet the instructional and operational needs of all students and the District.

    Its Branches Are: Accounting Controls, Accounts Payable, General Accounting, Payroll Services, Revenue, and Treasury.

    Budget Services & Financial Planning Division

    The Mission of Budget Services and Financial Planning is to accurately provide the schools, students, the community, the administration and the Board of Education with Budget, Financial Planning, and related services that maximize, distribute, and safeguard the resources available to carry out the educational and support activities of the District.

    Division of Risk Management & Insurance Services

    The Mission of the Division of Risk Management and Insurance Services Is to Protect the Assets of the District by Identifying Risks, Developing and Managing Programs to Control and Minimize Losses, and Promoting Safe, Healthy, and Secure Learning and Work Environments.


    Food Services Division

    The Mission of the Food Services Division is to nourish students to achieve success. We strive to elevate school nutrition equitably for all students through advocacy, sustainability, and education. 


    Procurement Services Division  

    The Mission of the Procurement Services Division is to provide schools and administrative offices with goods and services they need - when they need them. In doing this, we must ensure procurement laws are followed and the District achieves the most cost effective prices for goods and services.


    Transportation Services Division

    The Mission of the Transportation Services Division is to support the educational process by providing safe, dependable and cost-effective transportation services.

Budget Transparency