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    My Integrated Student Information System is a modernized all-in-one student information solution that…

    • Provides teachers, counselors, administrators, and others with access to student information all in one place.
    • Shows how a student is progressing toward graduation at any point in time.
    • Follows every student through his or her educational lifespan—from pre-kindergarten to graduation.
    • Allows the user to view student information for as long as that student has been in the District.
    • Is designed around the educational life of a student, bringing together attendance, assignments, grades, test scores, health, program eligibility, and more.
    • Is being improved with the help of educators and others who use it every day to support students.
    • Is the first fully-integrated student information system in LAUSD.
    • Is the largest and most complex student data system in the United States.
    • Has the flexibility to adapt quickly to evolving needs and requirements.
    • Provides new ways for parents to stay informed of their students’ progress.

Main Components of MiSiS

    • Enrollment
    • Scheduling
    • Attendance
    • Grades
    • Academic Intervention
    • Graduation Standards
    • Grade Book (classroom assignments)   
    • Counseling
    • Discipline
    • Health
    • Cafeteria - Meal Eligibility
    • Transportation
    • Special Education
    • English Learner Processes
    • Gifted and Talented
    • Summer School
    • Student Testing
    • Flexible Reporting
    • Parent Access (future enhancement)
    • Mobile Access (future enhancement)

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    Why did the District decide to build a new student information system when we already had one?
    There are two primary reasons:
    1. The former student data systems were not yet fully developed and did not provide everything the District needed. In addition, they were inflexible, costly to maintain, and did not provide the true integration users need to have everything all in one place. The District could not afford to sustain the direction it was going with the former plan to develop a fully-integrated, robust, and customizable student information system.
    2. The District is obligated to fulfill requirements set forth by the Modified Consent Decree, part of which is provision of a fully integrated solution that makes all data connected to every student easily accessible to anyone who needs it. Among other reasons, the Consent Decree was a result of the District’s lack of a single system that followed every student from the point of enrollment to graduation. When completed, MiSiS will provide what is needed, meeting a critical component of the Decree.
    Why did ISIS become MiSiS?
    The District’s efforts to build a fully integrated system were hampered for years by a product that lacked flexibility and failed to perform to expectations. As a result, the District moved in a new direction by adapting a program developed by the Fresno Unified School District (FUSD) in partnership with Microsoft that was designed to be flexible and evolve with changing requirements.

    This means the District is able to modify the system on an ongoing basis to address functionality issues and to accommodate program enhancements requested by educators...all without having to pay licensing fees to a software company. The District is taking full advantage of this new approach by involving educators, office employees, and others in the ongoing development and improvement of the system, truly making it a system that was built by the people who use it, hence the new name My Integrated Student Information System.

    Why is the District in such a hurry to get this done?
    Every day the District operates without a fully functional and integrated student information system, its ability to understand every student's needs and serve them accordingly is limited. While we have made great strides in building the fully functional system that's needed, there is still a great deal of work left to do before we meet our ultimate goal. With educators and engineers continuing to partner together in meaningful ways, we will accomplish our mission to have a complete student data system that follows every student through his or her educational life cycle.
    When will MiSiS be completed?
    The District is focused on fixing problems and making critical enhancements to MiSiS during the 2015 calendar year. In 2016, the focus will shift to improving quality of the user experience, i.e., making the system more intuitive and easy to use. MiSiS is expected to evolve continually adapting to changing needs of the District. Thus, the work to improve MiSiS will never be 100% complete.


    How can I get help using MiSiS?
    There are different ways to get help using MiSiS. To report a problem or see what has been already reported or to learn about upcoming training opportunities, visit the MiSiS Support section. Learn more about what your peers are saying by visiting the MiSiS Discussion Forum. You can also contact the IT HelpDesk for direct technical support on any issue.