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    Welcome to the Early Education Substitute Teacher Resources page.


    This page provides support and information for Early Childhood Education Substitute Teachers. Human Resources believes that academic success for every student is dependent upon every member within the organization. We are committed to working with teachers, administrators, parents, and the community to support all students in becoming life-long learners, critical thinkers, graduates, and successful contributors to society.

    We are committed to an effective teacher in every classroom to facilitate learning opportunities for our students; fully understanding the future of Los Angeles and the world in our classrooms.



    Teachers can work a maximum eight hours each day.  Please be punctual, as substitutes are only paid for the actual time worked.

        • After accepting an assignment notify the school immediately.
        • You will only be paid for assignments for which you have a job number.
        • Do not accept an assignment when a school calls you directly and does not have a job number. You may NOT BE PAID.
        • Do not share your PIN number with anyone.

    Once you have accepted an assignment, be sure to review your schedule on the Smart Find Express substitute system to verify the job number has been recorded.

    The Smart Find Express Automated Calling System will disqualify you for the day after your PIN is entered if:

     One (1) job is canceled for the same day

    Three (3) jobs are rejected

    Three (3) answer refusals

    Three (3) busy signals

    Three (3) hang-ups

    Substitutes may receive calls after the start of the assignment. Please notify the school immediately if you accept and assignment after the start time.



    When canceling an assignment, notify the school immediately. Failure to do so may result in an Inadequate Substitute Service Report (ISR).

    If you cancel an assignment, you will not be able to accept another assignment for that same time frame on that day. Please contact the school immediately if you need to cancel an assignment.

    If you need to cancel an assignment, for any reason, on the same day you must contact the school and the Substitute Help Desk immediately for assistance with the cancellation.



    You must obtain a Job Number before reporting to an assignment. A Job Number is necessary for reconciliation of time-reporting and payroll records.

    It is important to maintain a detailed log (of days/hours worked) for your records.

    Each assignment will generate its own Job Number.



    SmartFind Express allows you to select the days and hours you are available for work and would like to be for assignments. Use the Schedule tab and select the General option to create your availability profile.

    If you are not able to work use the Unavailable Dates option under the Schedule tab in Smart Find Express so you will not be contacted. Making yourself unavailable means that you are unable to work for a specified time period. The Smart Find Express Substitute Calling system will not contact you during the time period you are unavailable, but may call you with future job offers.