• 3rd Party Requests


  • The Office of Employee Relations processes employment verification submitted by 3rd party requestors on behalf of current and/or former employees.  However, any such request MUST also be accompanied by our standard Employment Verification Request Form.  Instructions to access and complete the form are below. 


    Click here to access and download the Employment Verification Request Form


    Section 1:  Employee Information - it is important to complete all fields and provide all requested employee information so that we may access the employment information.

    Section 1:  Request for Verification on Formal Letter (check one)

    • Standard Verification:  Select to request a simple verification of employment (SVOE) on District letterhead indicating the employment date, salary, and job title of the former employee's last known assignment. 
    • Teacher Experience:  Select to request a Verification of Teaching Experience (VOTE) for credentialing purposes, seeking employment with another school district, National Board Certification, etc.
    • INS Letter:  Select to request a letter for immigration sponsorship or work authorization purposes.
    • Other:  Select this option if none of the existing categories fit AND complete the "What is the reason for your request?" section.   
    • Request Distribution Checkbox:  Select the appropriate checkbox (only one please) to indicate if the verification should be sent via email, fax, or U.S. Mail

     Section 2:  Third-Party Information

    Complete this section ONLY if the verification should go to you instead of the current or former employee.  Please note that the employee will need to authorize the release of information via their signature..  

    Section 3:  Employee Signature

    Print the form and have the current or former employee sign (wet signatures ONLY) and date the form, authorizing the release of his/her information.  Digital or electronic signatures are not allowed.

    NOTE:  Your request will be returned unfulfilled if the employee's authorization described above is not provided.  

    Employee Verification Requests are a priority. However, due to the high volume of requests for employment verification, most requests will take 1-2 weeks to process.  

    How to Submit the Form to LAUSD

    Submit the completed and signed form to the Office of Employee Relations as indicated below.  The information is also displayed at the top of the form. 

    Email:  EmployeeVerify@lausd.net

    Fax:  (213) 241-8404

    U.S. Mail:  
    Los Angeles Unified School District
    Human Resources
    Division - Office of Employee Relations
    333 S. Beaudry Ave, 14th Floor
    Los Angeles, CA   90017



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