CBO Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why was my school selected to be part of the annual audit of the District?

    The District is required by the State to hire an outside auditor to perform an annual audit. The auditor randomly selects a number of schools (45 for 2007-08) to audit. If you are selected, you will be contacted regarding what you should do to prepare for the auditors.
    Published on 12 December , 2008
    What happened to the Microsoft Vouchers that I thought would be providing funds to my school?

    The Information Technology Division has developed a strategy for the use of the Microsoft Vouchers which total some $36 million from two pots of funds. See MEM-4594 "Procedures for Purchasing Computer Technology Using the Educational Technology K-12 Vouchers" dated December 9, 2008. Deadline for response is January 31, 2009.

    Published on 12 December , 2008
    It appears that regular teacher salaries are being charged to one of my special grants which was budgeted to only have some supplemental salary expenses and sub days, but no regular salaries. How could this happen?

     There are different reasons why charges may be appearing against an incorrect budget line/object code. A recent investigation found that there was a problem with the coding for teacher X-time (wage type SAXB) so that the expenditures appeared against object code 1101 (regular salaries) rather than 1103 (supplemental salaries). This is being corrected centrally. If you notice questionable charges, notify your fiscal specialist as soon as possible.
    Published on 10 December , 2008