• Safety


    Ed embodies responsible AI principles, upholding Los Angeles Unified's values of excellence for students, accountability to students and community, and enhanced understanding.


    Responsible AI means designing, developing and deploying artificial intelligence systems with the good intent of empowering users.


    Ed utilizes a Human-in-the-Loop (HITL) AI model, blending AI technology with human expertise for educational and support purposes.


    Confidentiality, security and ethical data use are paramount in Ed’s chatbot system.


    Student data remains safe and confidential, and is processed and stored in a secure environment.


    Measures like guardrails and filters are in place to prevent hate speech, with clear indicators that the chatbot, not Los Angeles Unified, generates responses.


    Each of the measures Los Angeles Unified is implementing with Ed aligns with the most recent guidance available to educational institutions regarding AI. This includes the White House, the Department of Education and the Attorney General’s Office. We also continue to consult with entities such as the Council of the Great City Schools and the California School Boards Association as we embark on our AI journey.


    We are working in collaboration with existing local and federal law enforcement and leading cyber experts to ensure additional vigilance of our systems.