Vaccine Guidance
Guidance for Employees
Frequently Asked Questions - All Employees

How soon will my benefits be reinstated?

Benefits for current (non-separated) employees will be reinstated on the first of the month following return to paid status AND upon completion of and submission of re-enrollment documents to the District’s Benefits Office. All benefits will be provided on a prospective basis and will take effect on the first day of the month following the processing of re-enrollment and reactivation of benefits by the employee.

Am I going to receive back pay for my unpaid time while I was waiting for the mandate to be lifted?

No. During the time the vaccine mandate was in effect, employees who failed to provide proof of vaccination were ineligible for paid work assignments.

How soon may I return to the District?

Non-separated employees are eligible to return to an assignment within the District effective Monday, October 2, 2023. Separated employees may immediately reapply to return to the District .

How do I apply for reemployment?

Certificated Employees: To apply for District reemployment submit an application by clicking this link.

Classified Employees: To apply for reemployment, please complete PC Form 5126 Request for Reinstatement and forward to Classified Employment Services will obtain the appropriate administrator signatures. Upon approval, your name will be then added to the eligibility list, and you may be contacted to begin interviewing for available assignments.

How will the District address parent concerns about their children being around unvaccinated employees?

As COVID-19 has entered into an endemic state, it now comes with the stability and predictability of other viruses such as RSV and Flu. Children in our community are exposed to many different individuals both at school and in their neighborhoods.

The District will continue to educate about mitigation measures such as vaccination, masking, testing and proper hygiene practices during times when there is high transmission of respiratory viruses such as COVID-19 consistent with our medical advisors and the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health.

How will the District ensure my vaccination status is safeguarded?

The District and its contract agencies/schools are required by federal law, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), to ensure that your Protected Health Information (PHI) is kept private.

How does the rescission affect independent charter schools?

The Board’s action to rescind the District’s COVID-19 vaccination requirement also applies to all charter schools authorized by the LAUSD Board regardless of charter school location (i.e., District sites or non-District [private] sites). Further, the District will cease requiring any LAUSD authorized charter school, regardless of charter school location, to certify and submit any formerly applicable Charter School COVID-19 Vaccination Compliance Certification to the District. Stakeholders are encouraged to contact their charter school leadership as to any additional actions the school may take.

Will I have to provide a weekly COVID test?

No, weekly COVID tests are no longer required. Following the current guidance of our medical advisors and the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, Los Angeles Unified will continue to implement a “response testing” protocol. At this time, this protocol recommends testing for those who have symptoms of COVID-19 and those who have been identified as close contacts of an individual who tested positive for COVID-19.

Frequently Asked Questions - Classified Employees

If I am currently employed, but not vaccinated because I have been accommodated, (such as working for the virtual academy) do I need to do anything?

You do not need to do anything at this time. You may be contacted to be reassigned to a site in the near future. If you are interested in reassignment to a particular District site, please contact

If I was separated from District employment for non-compliance with LAUSD’s vaccine requirement, am I eligible for re-employment?

Yes, provided there are no other disciplinary issues that would affect reemployment eligibility and you meet all qualifications including reprocessing requirements.

Will I retain my seniority if I am rehired?

For employees with former permanent status, if you are rehired within 39 months of separation from District employment, seniority earned will be reinstated to the seniority you had prior to separation from the District. For employees rehired more than 39 months from the date of separation, seniority will start anew.

If I was dismissed due to non-vaccination status, once re-hired, do I have rights to return to my school, location, or position?

No, you will not have a right to a specific position. However, the Personnel Commission will look for available positions for you that you may qualify for, however these assignments may be located at different sites.

If I was separated, will I have to re-fingerprint and re-process similar to a new employee to be re-hired?

Yes. to be re-hired you will need to re-process. Once you become eligible for employment and a position is available, you will be contacted for an appointment with a Classified Employment Office for required processing.

If I filed an appeal of my dismissal to the Personnel Commission, am I eligible to reapply for District employment?

Yes, you are eligible to reapply for District employment.

What pay will I receive upon rehire?

You will receive the current pay rate for the classification of your new assignment. If you are reinstated within 39 months to your prior classification, you will retain your step placement and be placed on your former step.

How long will it take to be rehired?

You may be contacted soon after you apply and are eligible to be rehired if there is a vacancy in your classification in a high-need area. Otherwise, you may be contacted when a vacancy in your prior classification becomes available. You may also make yourself available for positions in other related classifications for which you are qualified.

Frequently Asked Questions - Current Certificated Employees

How soon may I return to the District?

Separated employees may immediately reapply to return to the District.

Will I have to find my own position before returning?

No, you will be assigned to a temporary position. You may continue to seek your own permanent position.

I still have a medical Reasonable Accommodation for remote instruction. Will I be able to work in the Virtual Academy?

Currently there are no available positions in the Virtual Academy. If a position becomes available, you may be considered.

Upon return to my former position, do I have return rights to my former cost center?

Employees who have not been assigned to a cost center for longer than a year do not have return rights to their former cost center.

Do I retain District seniority?

Yes, your seniority date will remain.

My current non-LAUSD job will not release me. Is there a deadline for notifying the District of my expected return?

You will need to submit a Certificated Request for Leave of Absence Form for the remainder of the school year and notify the District of your intention to return no later than April 30, 2024, for an assignment beginning July 1, 2024.

Frequently Asked Questions - Separated Certificated Employees

Do I retain my salary, status and District seniority date?

For permanent employees who are rehired within 39 months of their last paid date of service, their salary level and permanent status are restored. Those in probationary status will restart as a probationary 1 employee. A new seniority date is established upon being rehired for both returning permanent and probationary employees.

How soon may I return to the District?

Separated employees may reapply to return to the District immediately.