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    1. “Who takes the School Experience Survey?” The School Experience Survey is taken by the following individuals:
      • Students in grades 4 through 12.
      • School staff who are assigned at least 50% to a school site, including teachers (all grades), principals, administrators, counselors, and other staff.
      • Parents or legal guardians of students in all grades (TK-12) enrolled in a Los Angeles Unified school.
    1. “Do students need their 10-digit LAUSD ID to complete their survey?” Each student receives their own unique link via MyMail (MyMail.lausd.net) to take the survey. No password is needed if they use their assigned link to the survey. Students should NOT share their link with anyone.
    2. “How do I get a paper copy of the parent survey?” Please contact your child’s school to request a copy. Be sure to specify whether you want the English or Spanish version of the survey.  The school can either send a copy of the survey home with your child or you can arrange to pick it up yourself at the school.
    3. “My school ran out of paper copies. How do i get more?” Unfortunately, additional copies are not available and cannot be ordered. Schools should ask parents to take the survey online by going to https://www.lausd.org/TakeTheSES and clicking on the appropriate “Parent Survey” button near the top of the page.
    1. “How do I access the online parent survey?” To access the ONLINE Parent Survey, go to https://www.lausd.org/TakeTheSES, click on the appropriate button, choose your child’s school type, school name, and current grade level, and then take the survey.
    2. “How many surveys should I complete if I have more than one child at a school?” Only ONE survey per household per school is expected to be completed by parents of Preschool to Grade 12 students. If parents have more than one child at a school, they only respond one time to the survey (based on the oldest child at the school). If parents have children at more than one LAUSD school, they should respond once for each school where they have a child enrolled.
    1. “My student did not receive an email to access the school experience survey. How do I get a link so they can take the survey?” Questions to ask:
      • Is the student in grade 4 through 12? If not, then the student does not participate.
      • Did the student enroll after 1/12? If yes, then the student does not participate. Only students enrolled as of January 12, 2024, will receive an email.
      • Are they an alternate curriculum student? If yes, then the student does not participate.

    Next questions:

    • Did the student scan their inbox to search for “School Experience Survey” (email subject)
    • Did the student check their trash folder?
    • Did the student check their spam folder?

    If email is not in any of these places, then the student is likely not supposed to take the survey. If you believe the student should have gotten a link, then send an email to SchoolExperienceSurvey@lausd.net with the student ID # and we will investigate.

    1. “If a parent enrolls a child after 1/12/2024, will they take the survey?” If a parent enrolls a child after 1/12/2024, neither the parent nor the child participates in the survey this year.
    2. Why don’t we get paper copies of the survey for all our parents? To reduce the waste of paper surveys, the Superintendent is strongly encouraging parents to take their survey online. Only a limited number of paper copies are being sent to schools and these should be reserved only for those families who do not have reliable internet or a device to access the survey online.
    3. “When are School Experience Surveys due?” The last day for parents to mail their PAPER survey using the pre-addressed and stamped envelope provided is Friday, March 22nd, 2024. The last day for students, staff, and parents taking the ONLINE survey to submit their survey is also Friday, March 22nd, 2024.
    4. How can school staff and parents provide proof that they took the survey? If verification is needed that the online survey was completed, staff and parents can provide their email address on the last question of their survey to receive a confirmation email. They may also print the last page of the survey that appears after clicking “submit” or they can create a screenshot of the last page and email or text the screenshot to whomever requires proof of completion.