Summer of Learning
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The Summer of Learning is Los Angeles Unified’s summer school program. The summer school program comprises eight different programs designed to meet the summer learning needs of all our students. The eight programs are California State Pre-School Program (CSPP), Summer Expanded Transitional Kindergarten through Eighth Grade (ETK-8), Summer Term Ninth through twelfth Grade (Summer Term 9-12), Extended School Year (ESY), International Newcomer, Migrant Education, and Virtual Enrichment.

All current Los Angeles Unified students and families can visit this website for additional details on how to register for summer programs. We will continue to enroll students up to the beginning of our programs, but we encourage families to register as soon as possible.

Yes. Several Summer of Learning Programs require students to meet specific eligibility requirements in order to participate. To learn more about specific program requirements, go to this website and select the program or programs you are interested in to learn more.

Yes, the opportunity to participate in summer school will be available for all students who apply. However, if a course reaches capacity, families will be notified and another course must be selected.

As long as program times do not overlap, students can participate in more than one program. For example, a student may attend the ETK-8 program in the morning and a virtual enrichment course during the afternoon. 

Due to the high demand for virtual enrichment, a student can only enroll in one virtual enrichment course. 

Yes, a waitlist will be created for classes that exceed capacity and families will be notified.

Parents will be notified at the email address they used when submitting the application as soon as classes are assigned or the child’s registration is confirmed.

For specific program questions, contact the respective summer school program for more information.

Summer School, ETK-8, Program
Beyond the Bell

Ana Estevez
Director, K-8 Academic Intervention Programs

High School Summer Term, Grades 9-12, Program
Beyond the Bell

Betsy Castillo
Director, Secondary Academic Intervention Programs

Virtual Experience K-12, Summer Enrichment 2023
Division of Instruction

Vernail Skaggs
Program and Policy Development Advisor

International Newcomer Enrichment Summer Program Contacts
Multilingual Multicultural Education Department 

Jose M. Posada, EDD
Administrator, TK-12 English Learner Services

Carla Gutierrez
TK-12 Administrative Coordinator, English Learner Instruction

Migrant Education
Multilingual Multicultural Education Department

Victor Gonzalez, Ed.D
Coordinator, Migrant Education Program

Meal services (breakfast, lunch, supper and snack) will be provided at all school sites hosting summer school programs.

In addition, Los Angeles Unified will provide free summer meals for kids and teens from June 13 to July 28. For more information on times and locations, please visit


Transportation will be provided for eligible students with an IEP attending Extended School Year. ETK-8th grade students outside a two-mile radius of their assigned summer school can also receive transportation. Parents must opt in by May 26. To opt in, please go to your child's school and complete an application. 

For those families that have already enrolled in the ETK-8 program and are eligible and would like to receive transportation services, please get in touch with your school for information on how to submit an updated application.