The Climate Literacy Champion Program


    The Climate Literacy Champion Program was created to address climate literacy instruction led by LAUSD's Division of Instruction.


    What is a Climate Literacy Champion?

    A Climate Literacy Champion is a teacher taking on an additional role to support climate literacy at their school site.

    The Climate Literacy Champion serves as a liaison between the school and the Climate Literacy Implementation Task Force, focused on supporting the implementation, infusing, and development of climate change education across all curricula and in every grade. 


    The following are examples of practices the Climate Literacy Champion might engage in and/or promote: 

    • Establish a support structure in collaboration with the principal and school site leadership team to aid the implementation of Climate Literacy curricula 
    • Promote the use of tools and resources from the Climate Literacy Schoology group 
    • Support climate literacy integration in academic areas such as English language arts, math, science, history/social science, health, arts, physical education, and social/emotional learning 
    • Attend the quarterly convening of the Climate Literacy Task Force
    • Provide regular evidence/impact of efforts toward Climate Literacy


    The climate literacy initiative is integrally aligned to the Strategic Plan of LAUSD.

    The teaching of climate literacy, creation of Climate Literacy Champions, coordination of district environmental efforts, and partnerships with community, agency, and industry partners are reflective of the Strategic Plan Pillars.







    The District currently has over 300 schools with Climate Literacy Champions.








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