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Here are the most recent news and updates from the LAUSD Classified Employment Services branch.

Welcome New Hires - March 2023

Welcome to The Los Angeles Unified School District! This resource provides essential information necessary for new employees getting acclimated to the District as well as information about the endless benefits offered to employees. In our New Employee Orientation workshop the Organizational Excellence Classified Training Team partners with various other departments to offer a comprehensive orientation program for new employees. We suggest all new employees participate in this workshop.

New Employee Orientation

Welcome to Classified Service!
Conversion of the Out-of-School Program Workers and Supervisors

Out of School Program Workers and Supervisor positions will be converted from unclassified to the Classified Service, effective October 1, 2023. This conversion will have no impact on your schedule or assignment hours, which remain unchanged unless expressly modified by the Beyond-the-Bell Branch. If you have questions about this conversion, you may email and include your name, employee number, school/location and current phone number to receive a reply or call within 24-48 hours.

BTB Conversion FAQs