Canceling a Substitute Job

  • To review/ cancel absence or modify special instructions online

      Follow these steps:

    1. Select the format for absence display:

      List or Calendar view.

    2. Search for Jobs:

      Enter specific date range (MM/DD/YYYY) or Calendar icon, or enter job number or leave blank to return all your absences.

    3. Select the Search Button

    4. Select the Job Number link to view job details on future jobs

    5. From the Job Details screen

      • Special instructions can be updated on future jobs.

        Modify the special instructions and select the Save button.

      • To cancel your job:

        select the Cancel Job button

      • If a substitute is assigned to your absence and you want the system to notify them of the job cancellation (by calling them):

        place a checkmark in the box prior to the question “Notify the Substitute of Cancellation?”

      • Select Return to List button to return to the job listing

  • To review/ cancel absence or modify special instructions by phone

    1. Hear the job information

      PRESS 1 to Hear absence information again.

      PRESS 2 to Modify special instructions.

      PRESS 3 to Cancel the absence.

    2. Press 3 to Cancel the job

      PRESS 1 to Confirm the cancellation request If a substitute is assigned to the absence.

    3. PRESS 1 for the System to call the assigned substitute.

      PRESS 2 for the System to Not have the system call the substitute.

    4. Once you confirm a request to cancel the job, you MUST wait for the system to say "Job Number has been cancelled."