What I need to know as a new employee

  • What will I need to do before my first day on the job?

    Before you can start your new job, you will need to be processed for employment. New Employee Processing is an appointment during which you will visit one of our Employment Offices to complete all of your new-employee documents and fingerprinting.

  • Who will make the new employee processing appointment for me?

    Your appointment will be made either by a member of our Classified Employment Services Branch or by a school site administrator. That individual will provide you the information you will need in order to attend the appointment.

  • What will I need to bring to the new employee processing appointment?

    You will need to bring documents for identification and documents verifying educational achievement; the specific documents you will need to bring depends on the job in which you are being assigned.

  • With Whom Should I Check In On My First Day?

    Typically, you will check in with your new supervisor, but you should verify with the person that officially selected you for the job.

  • What are my scheduled working hours?

    Working hours vary for each job assignment. You should inquire what your working hours will be with the individual who officially offered you the job.

  • Do I need identification to enter my work site?

    If you are going to be working at LAUSD’s headquarters (Beaudry building in downtown Los Angeles), you will need to provide a valid identification card at the security desk, and they will issue you a temporary building access card. Your supervisor will then arrange for you to receive a permanent access card.

    If you are going to be working at a school site, you will need to first obtain a visitor’s badge from the school’s front office. Again, you should be prepared to show a valid identification card.

  • What should I wear to work?

    You should make sure that you wear clothing that is neat, clean, and professional, and that conforms to the mode of dress that is appropriate for your occupation or profession. If hired to work in a cafeteria or custodial related job, you will be given more detail regarding required dress code at first day of orientation.

  • How do I report the time that I work?

    You will be asked to sign in and out on the District’s official time card. Your supervisor will be able to show you where the time cards are kept.

  • How often will I get paid?

    Most classified employees are paid semi-monthly. For salaried employees, the pay period is a month long, and there are 12 pay periods in a year. Ordinarily you will be paid the last day of the month. If the end of month falls on a weekend or a holiday, you will be paid on the preceding business day.

  • When do I receive my first paycheck?

    If you are a new employee, your first salary payment may be delayed. If you are not paid on the first regular pay day, you will probably receive your salary payment a week later. Immediately notify your supervisor or time reporter if you did not receive your salary payment.

  • How do I know how much I will get paid?

    If you are a regular employee, you will usually be paid the amount on the beginning “step” of an established salary range, and will advance in salary steps until you reach the maximum rate for your range. Some classes, such as those in the building trades, are allocated to a flat rate. Limited-term/substitute employees are usually paid at the beginning step of the salary range of the classification to which they are assigned.

  • How do I know the pay scale for my position?

    View the salary schedule for all Classified positions.

    It appears that I was not paid correctly. Who do I contact?

    Your first call should be to your site payroll time reporter to ensure time reporting was entered correctly or approved by the payroll cutoff. If the rate is incorrect, missing a differential or incorrect salary step, please contact your supporting assignment representative https://www.lausd.org/Page/16462 If related to your tax deductions/exemptions, contact Payroll Administration directly

  • When do I receive a pay increase?

    Typically, regular employees receive their first salary increase, from the beginning step to the second step (about 5-1/2 percent), effective at the beginning of the pay period after working for 130 working days. Subsequent salary increases to the next steps of the range typically occur annually.

  • What Holidays Do I Receive Paid Time Off?

    Full time employees working 12 months per year enjoy 12 paid holidays within the year; other employees enjoy paid holidays based on their working calendar.

    New Year’s Day

    Martin Luther King Jr. Day

    President’s Day

    Memorial Day

    Independence Day

    Labor Day

    Veterans Day

    Thanksgiving Day and the day after

    Christmas Day

    Two other holidays at the discretion of the District

  • How many vacation days do I get?

    As a new full time employee, you are entitled to 10 vacations days per year. During your fifth year of service, you will receive 15 days of vacation; and in your 16th to 20th year of service, you will get one additional day of vacation for each year of service. If you are an executive/administrative employee, you are entitled to 24 days per year. You will accrue your vacation time on a monthly basis and the total will be listed on your monthly pay check stub.

  • How many illness days do I get?

    A full time employee is entitled to 13 illness days each year.

  • What Is The Difference Between An “A” Basis; “B” Basis, “C” Basis Or “E” Basis Calendar?

    Job assignments at LAUSD are based on different calendars, which indicate the days the employee works and the days she or he does not work. An A - basis calendar has 261 paid days, B - basis has 221 paid days, C - basis has 204 paid days, E - basis has 234 paid days.

  • I’m Being Hired Into A Job Classifiction That Is Represented By A Union. How Can I Find Information About The Provisions Of My Union Contract?

    To learn more about your employee representation, you can research the union’s website for general information or view specific contracts for conditions of employment contained in the collective bargaining agreement.

  • I’m Being Hired Into A Position That Is Confidential. What Is A Confidential Position?

    A “confidential employee” is one who whose duties normally require access to confidential salary or related information. A union does not represent employees in confidential positions.

  • I’m Being Hired Into A District Represented Position. What Is A District Represented Position?

    This means that you are not represented by a union or entitled to any benefits associated with union membership. You may refer to the Classified Employee Handbook for information regarding the conditions of employment applicable to all District represented employees.

  • What benefits am I eligible to receive?

    Full time employees working 12 months per year enjoy 12 paid holidays within the year; other employees enjoy paid holidays based on their working calendar.

    Medical, Dental, and Vision Insurance

    Flexible Spending Account (Health and Dependent care)

    Basic and Supplemental Life Insurance

    403 (b) & 457 (b) Plans

    Tuition Reimbursement Program

    Visit our Benefits Administration Website for more information regarding District benefits

  • How do I enroll in benefit plans?

    Enrollment in LAUSD health care plans is not automatic for new employees. To be covered by the District-sponsored plans, you must obtain and submit a completed Health Benefits Enrollment form and provide any required documentation to Benefits Administration.

  • How soon can I begin using my benefits?

    Your coverage, and coverage for your dependents, is effective the first day of the month following the date your properly completed enrollment form is received and processed by the Benefits Administration Branch. Visit the Benefits Administration Website for more information regarding District benefits

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