Substitutes, Provisional Employees & Relief Positions

What is substitute? A provisional employee? A relief position?

A substitute is an employee who temporarily occupying a position during the absence of the regular incumbent.

A provisional employee is a person assigned to a vacant position in the absence of an eligibility list.  Once an eligibility list is established, a regular appointment must be made from the list and the provisional employee will be released unless he or she is reachable on the eligibility list.

A relief position is a limited-term position of not more than six months in duration to augment the number of positions in a unit during peak workload periods or for special projects.  If the position is needed for more than six months, a regular position must be established.  A relief position is filled with an employee on temporary assignment.

When can we get a substitute for an absent employee?

Substitutes are provided depending on several factors established for budgetary or operational reasons.

For example, schools with two or less clerical employees are eligible for a substitute on the first day of absence of a regular employee at the school. Schools with more than two clerical staff may request a substitute after six days of absence.

Substitutes cannot be used if a regular employee is on vacation with the exception of specific Early Education classifications.

In place of someone on a leave of absence (20 days or more) or on leave to higher position or a vacant position

How can we get a substitute for an absent employee?

For clerical, early education center, custodial and paraprofessional classifications, the SmartFind Express (SFE) (automated substitute management system) is available and accessible via telephone and web.

To create or maintain a substitute assignment for your location (other than custodial classifications):

SFE System Telephone number:

(866) 477- 3233

For SFE technical assistance:

(213) 241-7808

(213) 241-3362

To create or maintain a substitute assignment for custodial classifications (Buildings and Grounds Workers/BGW):
  • For day-to-day BGW substitute assignments - Contact your Maintenance and Operations Area Substitute Help Desk
  • For long-term* BGW substitute assignments - Contact the Assignment Technician who supports your site/location.

I have a substitute working in a vacancy.  The substitute was unsuccessful on the employment exam and the eligibility list has been established.  How can I keep the substitute?

If the eligibility list has a sufficient number of eligible candidates (three ranks), the location cannot keep the substitute for more than 30 working days from the date the list was established.

When a selection is made from the eligibility list, the substitute may continue working in the assignment until the new regular employee reports to the assignment.

How do I release an unacceptable substitute?

Contact the Assignment Technician assigned to your school and state that you wish to release the substitute.  You will be asked to provide the reason in writing on the Classified Substitute Unsatisfactory Report (PC For 5310) so that we may monitor unreliable or problem individuals.  The substitute will not return to your school.

How do I create and fill a relief position?.

In order to create a relief position, contact your Fiscal Specialist.  Once a position control number has been created, the Principal or School Administrative Assistant (SAA)/Office Manager at the site will contact the Assignment Technician to determine the status of an eligibility lists for the position.  The Assignment Technician will send the list of candidates who are eligible and interested in the position.

Once the candidate has been selected from the list, the Assignment Technician will make the official offer. If the selected candidate is a current employee, a two-week notice will be given to the “releasing” school or office.

If the selected candidate is not currently a District employee, he or she will need to attend a new hire processing appointment and will be ready to start work once his or her fingerprints clear.

If there is no one on the list that can fill the position, the Principal or SAA/Office Manager can contact the Assignment Technician who can help determine other options to temporarily fill the position.

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