Selecting a candidate

There are certain job classifications for which school sites can recruit and hire employees directly. If the job classification is not on the list below, the school will need to contact the Classified Employment Services Branch to receive names of candidates who are eligible to fill the vacancy.

  • Athletic Assistant
  • Campus Aide
  • Communication Support Assistant
  • Community Representative
  • Counseling Assistant
  • Education Aide III
  • Education Resource Aide
  • Infant Care Aide
  • Instructional Aide I
  • School Integration Helper
  • School Supervision Aide

In either case, whether the school recruits on their own or receives names of eligible candidates from a list, the school site administrator or his or her designee should interview the candidates to determine which one is the most qualified and the best fit for the position.

Once a decision is made, it is strongly recommended that reference checks be conducted. The objective of a reference check is to obtain information on the individual's work performance and on personal characteristics that affect (positively or negatively) the individual's suitability for the particular position sought.

Based on the interview and the information gathered through reference checks, a final employment decision should be made.

If the position is one for which the school directly hires, the school should contact the candidate to make a tentative offer; otherwise the school should contact their Assignment Technician who will make a tentative offer.

If the candidate accepts, a new-hire processing appointment needs to be scheduled. School sites will schedule the appointment for positions for which they recruit while the Classified Employment Services Branch will schedule the appointment for newly hired employees made from an eligibility list.

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