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What is a Substitute?

A substitute is an employee who is temporarily occupying a position during the absence of the regular incumbent.

Substitutes are provided depending on several factors established for budgetary or operational reasons. For example, schools with two or less clerical employees are eligible for a substitute on the first day of absence of a regular employee at the school. Schools with more than two clerical staff may request a substitute after six days of absence.

Substitutes cannot be used if a regular employee is on vacation with the exception of specific Early Education and Special Education classifications.

In order to create a request to fill a sub assignment, you must be registered in the Automated Substitute System (Smart Find Express or SFE).

An employee who is aware that she or he may be missing work, may have entered a request to fill his or her sub assignment, meaning that you should check first to see if a request has been made, before making the request yourself.

If there's no job created by the employee for the absence, you should create the absence yourself.

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