Fill A Vacancy
From The Employment Eligibility List

There are several job classifications for which school sites may recruit and hire directly (see Selecting a Candidate). All other Classified positions are hired from an employment eligibility list. For these positions, the school site/office works with the Personnel Commission’s Classified Employment Services Branch (CESB) to receive names and contact information of eligible candidates; with these candidates, CESB arranges for new hire processing once a candidate is identified to fill the position.

If there is no employment eligibility list for the vacant position, the Personnel Commission can assist in various ways.

Representatives in the Talent Acquisition and Selection Branch can provide assistance with updated recruitment efforts and scheduled exams. You may call (213) 241-3455 or visit

Representatives in the Classified Employment Services Branch can discuss the option of a provisional assignment. A provisional employee is a person assigned to a vacant position in the absence of an employment eligibility list. Once an employment eligibility list is established, a regular appointment must be made from the list and the provisional employee will be released unless he or she is reachable on the employment eligibility list.

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