Create an Absence (SmartFind Express)

A reference guide to create an absence in SmartFind Express via telephone or online

SmartFind Express User Guide

SmartFind Express employee user manual

  • Create an absence Online

      To Create an Absence:

    1. Tap Create an Absence to access the Create Job page. The page displays with the Location and Classification fields.
    2. The Location field displays your primary location. To report an absence for a different location, use the dropdown menu to change the location of the job.
    3. The Classification field displays your primary classification. To report an absence for a different classification, use the dropdown menu to change the classification of the job.
    4. Select a reason to assign to the absence. If a budget code is associated with the reason, the Budget Code field is displayed.

    5. Note: If you select a reason that requires administrator approval, a message will display on the screen to alert you that the reason requires approval. You can continue creating the absence or choose another reason for the absence. An Approval Comment box also displays for entering any comments about the absence.

    6. Use the calendar to select a single day or date range for the absence. The current date is always selected by default. Once selected, the selected location‘s start and end times are displayed on the schedule. To change the hour/minute or am/pm indicator, select the field and then use your keyboard to make changes.
    7. In the ‘Is a Substitute required’ field, the value set to ‘No’. To change the value to ‘Yes’, tap the ‘No’ button to change the value to ‘Yes’.
    8. Once selected, the Substitute Start/End times are displayed on the schedule. The Substitute times default to the location times. To change the hour/minute or am/pm indicator, select the field and then use your keyboard to make changes.
    9. In the ‘Specify a Substitute ID’ field, enter the substitute’s ID number. If the ID number is unknown, click on the Name Lookup button to display the Substitute Name Lookup page.
    10. In the ‘Substitute Prearranged’ field:
      • Leave the value set to ‘No’ if the substitute has not accepted the assignment. Phone calls will be made to offer the substitute the job. If the specified substitute does not accept the job, the system will call other qualified substitutes.
      • Click on the ‘No’ button to change the value to ‘Yes,’ if the specified substitute has accepted this assignment. The substitute will be assigned to the absence and the system will not call the substitute.
    11. In the ‘Substitute Instructions’ field, add any instructions you want to provide to the substitute. These instructions will also be voiced to the substitute over the telephone.
    12. Attach any files that you want to provide to the substitute or administrator. Up to three attachments can be added.
    13. After all absence information has been added, tap Continue to view the Create Absence Confirmation page. If any errors are detected on the form, you will have the opportunity to make corrections and then continue with creating the absence.
    14. The Create Absence Confirmation screen is displayed. Verify the absence information and then click ‘Create Absence’ to create the job and receive a job number. To make changes to the absence information, click ‘Cancel’ to return to the Create Absence form.
    15. Clicking the Create Absence button displays the Create Absence Verification screen. A job number is created for the absence.

    Note: You must receive a job number for your absence to be recorded in the system and to receive a substitute.

  • Create an absence by phone

    1. Enter your Access ID followed by the star (*) key
    2. Enter your PIN followed by the (*) key

      Main Menu

    1. Enter dates for the absence

      PRESS 1 if the Absence is only for today

      PRESS 2 if the absence is only for tomorrow

      PRESS 3 to Enter the dates and times for the absence

    2. If you pressed 3 to Enter Dates and Time Enter Start Date

      PRESS 1 to Accept the date offered

      PRESS 2 to Enter start date (MMDD)

    3. Enter the reason followed by the star (*) key or wait for the list of reasons
    4. Record Special Instructions PRESS 1 to record special instructions. Press the star (*) key when done PRESS 2 to Bypass this step

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