• The Los Angeles Unified School District is seeking Special Education Teachers / Support Service Providers who are licensed / credentialed or eligible for alternative certification. No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Highly Qualified (HQ) candidates who meet District criteria will be placed on an employment eligibility list for positions that may become available in the following areas:

    Opportunities the LAUSD Provides

    • A variety of experiences and grade levels
    • Teaching positions and opportunities throughout the District
    • Full-time and substitute positions (upon availability)
    • Teaching assistants in every special education classroom
    • Opportunities for additional employment throughout the year
    • Teacher Training Academy for teachers new to special education
    • Challenging and gratifying professional experiences
    • Competetive salaries and excellent benefits
    • Additional National Board Certification salary compensation
    • Paid holidays / illness leave
    • District-paid medical, dental, and vision insurance for employees and dependents
    • District-paid life insurance policy
    • Lifetime District-paid medical benefits upon retirement (based on eligibility)
    • State Teachers' Retirement System membership
    • Purchase of out of state retirement credit up to 10 years
    • Credit Union services
    • Free Internet access
    • Tuition free Education Specialist District Intern credential program for teachers who do not hold a basic teaching credential and those who hold a basic teaching credential

    We Believe That:

    • High standards for all students must be the primary focus of the entire school community.
    • Equitable access to the core curriculum fosters the achievement of students with disabilities.
    • Every school member of the school community shares responsibility for the achievement of all students.
    • Innovative educational programs and strategies lead to the achievement of students with disabilities.
    • Students with disabilities require effective transitions into the District, between programs / services and in preparation for beginning post secondary activities
    • A collaborative environment incorporating mutual respect and shared responsibility supports the achievement of students with disabilities.
    • The integration of students with disabilities into supportive general education environments adds to the richness of the classroom culture and promotes overall student acheivement.
    • Ongoing evaluation, monitoring and review of programs, services and operations lead to effective educational opportunities for all students.

    LAUSD Schools are  Schools for All Children

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