• About Us

    The Blackboard Connect Office is responsible for the operation and support of the Blackboard mass notification systems including Blackboard Connect and Blackboard Teacher Communications.  The systems are used to communicate more effectively and to optimize community engagement.  Blackboard Connect is utilized by Early Education, K-12, Adult schools, Regions and offices to send general (outreach), attendance and emergency messages.  The system is also used to notify parents/guardians of bus delays and changes in their Parent Portal information as well as communicate critical School Police notifications. Attendance calls for K-12 schools are integrated with the District's Student Information System and are sent twice daily.

    Messages can be delivered through phone calls, email, and SMS (text).  Integration with social media (Facebook and Twitter) is also available.  The Blackboard Connect system is capable of sending 3 million calls within an hour which is crucial to ensuring student safety during emergency situations.  

    All permanent and long-term substitute teachers automatically have access to the Blackboard Teacher Communications system which allows for the sending of customized voice, email and text messages to parents/guardians and students. Customized messages can be saved for future use and can be sent at multiple times during the day.

    The Blackboard Connect office handles all system administration, training and support of the schools and is responsible for managing and establishing central office calls.